Outlander Season 4 Official Trailers and Gifphy Gifs

Starz™ has released the official Season 4 Trailers for Outlander this past week and it looks absolutely stunning. Make your plans for your watching parties with friends, a whole slew of new characters are coming. Aunt Jocasta, Phaedre, Lizzie, Stephan Bonnet, and many new friends and foes. And yes, Seasons 5 and 6 have been green lit. Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe are back as Jaimie and Claire, ready for adventures in the New World. And as usual, attracting danger at every turn. Brianna, their daughter, is still back in the 20th Century, but as fans of the books know, she is restless and wants desperately to see her mother again, and maybe meet for father. This season focuses on discovery, and finding a home for our often beleaguered, well traveled couple.

Banish the concerns of Scotland standing in for the American East Coast during Colonial times. Over the years, it has become increasingly hard to film any historical dramas based on the eastern shores of the US due to the high cost of filming. Trying to film in two or more countries for such a series, as we have seen in two past seasons, delays production and adds to the costs. Have no fear, if you have travelled to Scotland and walked the forested areas and moors, you’ll see flora that is very similar to our own. Where do you think much of our wild plants traveled from? Over countless years of travel, as we will see in the new series, people brought their culture and often a few plants along the way. However, the fabulous design team for sets headed up by Jon Gary Steele, Production Designer, have never left us wanting. Each season they outperform the last. What will they do to top last seasons Print Shop? I’m dying to see River Run, Aunt Jocasta’s Plantation in North Carolina. I highly recommend following Gary on Twitter @jongarysteele if you haven’t already. He brings up great design features from past seasons because he knows you are suffering Droughtlander. And once the season starts, he’ll let you in on a few new beauties.

Outlander Season 4: Everything We Know So Far

And not to forget some of our favorite things to do, because we all love to Gif like mad. Outlander Starz @Outlander_STARZ has got the Season 4 Gifs up at https://giphy.com/outlander so you can start having fun with your pre season Tweets. If this link does not work, search using the official @outlander on their site. Enjoy.

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