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SCAD Film Festival Hosts Outlander Season 4 Costume Exhibit

The SCAD Museum of Art is hosting the Outlander Season 4 Exhibit through December, which includes some 20 costumes of past and the new seasons. Original costume designs by Terry Dresbach, who has designed and created along with her team of 70 artisans, the striking, detailed costume looks of all 4 seasons. Dresbach has stepped down from designing this last season. She assures fans she has found the next designer to carry on the series.

Check out this fabulous walk around the exhibit and see some amazing design work!

Details of the Exhibit

Terry Dresbach Leaves Outlander


Inspiration Boards on Pinterest 

Outlander Season 4 on Sunday November 4, 2018

IMG_27AE1371295F-1.jpegOfficial release date for season 4 of Outlander, starring Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan, is Sunday, November 4, 2018. This season will encompass the book Drums of Autumn  by Diana Gabaldon, that I am sure many of you are rereading for the third time. Hurry, you have a week.

Jamie and Claire’s adventures continue after being washed up on the shores of the American colonies. Along with Young Ian, Marsali and Fergus, they will set out to claim a piece of the Americas for the scattered Fraser clan.

As you know the television series has taken a few departures from book series. However, the show has done wonders with filming the series in Scotland over the last year and trying to portray the New Americas with flora and fauna as close to the American East Coast as you can get. Also, the series has painstakingly brought in many First Nations actors to play local Indian tribes Mohawk and Tuscarora nations. We can’t wait to see the fabulous fleshing out of all the great storylines.

Fraser’s Ridge – North Carolina If you can’t make it to Scotland this year, try the East Coast of the US and see where the indentured Highlanders and many others ended up. This is where many Scottish and Irish immigrants came in and settled following the Clearances and the Famines in both countries.

What changes do you welcome in our ever changing adaptation of Outlander?

Outlander Season 4 Revealed

Outlander Season 4 premiers on November with Episode SO4 E01 America The Beautiful on Starz® , Starz® App and Available on Amazon Prime in the UK on November 5, 2018. Starz® app drops at midnight EST.

Will Jamie Reunite With Murtagh and Young Willie in Outlander Season 4?

Yes, there will be book and series discussion here. Spoilers.

Season 4 of Outlander encompasses the book, Drums of Autumn, by Diana Gabaldon. However, as we know from previous seasons and interviews with Toni Graphia, Matthew B. Roberts and Ron Moore, the series has been changed and adapted to fit with time constraints and what will translate well with it being a television series medium. That said, the writer’s change the story and add characters, or change the characters completely from the book versions. Fans of the books have been sometimes amenable to the changes, and sometimes there are social media storms. I for one have enjoyed some of the changes, and although some of my favorite scenes have been cut, for example Claire v. the Crocodile and Claire leaving Lallybroch after finding Jamie had married her nemesis Laoghaire, running from Lallybroch in shame and humiliation and spending hours on the moor. I accepted that neither would have translated well to the series, the situations were rewritten and worked well.

IMG_1517 2With this in mind, will we see young Clark Butler, who played Willie (William Ransom) in Season 3, return in Season 4? Book readers know that this season encompasses the book, Drums of Autumn, and the central theme being the Frasers settling as an extended family, finally finding a place to make and call home. None of which is easy on the wild frontier. After they had settled for some time and built a home, Claire is out gathering medicinals and finds a young boy of about 13 by the river, covered in leeches. The moment she looks him over, she knows who he must be. Features and mannerisms are a reminder of family, her Jamie and Brianna. There was always a chance that Jamie would someday encounter his son with Geneva Dunsany, William Ransom, again. How would they handle this sticky situation?

In this season we see the separation of Claire and Jamie’s daughter, Brianna, through time and how it affects the Frasers. They have a packet of old photos, and Claire has her painful memories of leaving her daughter behind to reunite with her father. Will she ever see her child again? Claire deals heavily with guilt at the separation during the first year at Fraser’s Ridge. William showing up with Lord John Grey, creates another tension. In the books, the feelings of Lord John for Jamie are a source of tension with him and Claire.

We also know the story of Brianna and Roger, played by Richard Rankin and Sophie Skelton, is a continuation in this season, picking up speed and momentum in another time. We also know that they may be time travellers as well.  They both heard the stones in Season 3, only those that can travel hear and feel the pull of the stones. We know that Brianna will go seeking her mother, with official stills and teasers showing Brianna approaching the stones.i

Book readers know that Lord John Grey keeps turning up in Jamie and Claire’s lives over the next few books. Will the series bring young Willie into this coming season? In the book he and Grey visit Fraser’s Ridge, bringing up turmoil for both Jamie and Claire. In the series, Jamie befriends and guides his son with riding and spends time trying to teach him to be a good rider and be helpful and kind, even though his title and situation create a very proud child. In the book, Jamie distanced himself greatly from Willie, knowing that he could not allow the boys true parentage to show, thus leaving Helwater to preserve the child’s future. How will the series writers treat this part of the story, will they bring young William Ransom back this season as was written in the book, or wait for later seasons where he will be a young man and beginning his military career? Then there is the eventuality of Brianna meeting her half brother. In season 3, Clark was aged down. He is only credited with season 3 in IMDb. However, they may have chosen an older actor to play William Ransom in season 4 as he will need to age with the series, and they are keeping this subject closely guarded. 

The return of Murtagh has been greatly debated over the last year. Theories have ranged from his taking the place of Duncan Innes, who has not been written into the series so far and marries Jamie’s formidable Aunt Jocasta (Book). There was quite a flurry of Murtagh fans going down that fantasy lane earlier this year. BTS crowd pictures were leaked out in February 2017 of a white and grey haired Duncan Lacroix filming scenes with Caitriona Balfe. In these shots, he is dressed in a manner to suggest he had become a backwoodsman, which would suit Murtagh’s character after many years of being indentured when the Ardsmuir prisoners were transported to the colonies. This lifestyle that closely resembles his Highlander ways, make the most sense. We are all looking forward to perhaps having another Tale of the Tusks moment this season, where our murky Godfather shares his years of separation from his Godson Jamie.IMG_1518 3

Lacroix’s Twitter account went silent last summer, with speculation of it being hacked, and several other theories. Due to the intense pressure during season 3 where he was constantly bombarded with the #SaveMurtagh campaign from over 30k fans, he may have decided he didn’t need the added silent running pressure, and IMDb shows credit only for 3 seasons on his profile. Perhaps Lacroix, as in Murtagh fashion, likes his privacy. Needless to say, one of the most anticipated possible story arcs is finding out that Murtagh survived a sea voyage to end his days as a backwoodsman, or anything that brings him back into the lives of the Frasers is one of the most eagerly awaited continuations of the series.

Sadly, this could be the season where we finally lose Murtagh, he is pushing past 60 and in the 18th c., not many people make it to that age. Although as Ned Gowan proved, not being married preserved him quite well. We love Murtagh and applaud the series writers for continuing his story. Diana Gabaldon hinted in a recent interview that we would see Murtagh again, which is another departure from her books. There is certainly a new evil villain that will be harassing the Frasers, and book readers know of this villain’s encounters with Brianna Randall. Will Murtagh come to the rescue? He is bound to in some shape of form, it’s in his nature. We’ll be waiting with a dram and a box of tissues for next weekend’s premier.

So join the great Twitter Outlander Premier Party with all of your friends. Stay tuned for the official #OutlanderSeason4 tags, grab more of the official stills released this last week, and start getting ready for your meme creations.

Outlander Season 4 premiers on November with Episode SO4 E01 America The Beautiful on Starz® , Starz® App and Available on Amazon Prime in the UK on November 5, 2018. Starz® app drops at midnight EST.

Outlander season 4: Diana Gabaldon on Murtagh questions, series’ future

Sam Heughan Hint’s at Big Meeting in Season 4

New Outlander Stills This Week

In the ramp up to the last two weeks before Season 4 debut, Starz® has released more images of Fraser’s Ridge and our favorite characters breathing it in. In it we see the richness of life ahead for Jaimie, Claire, Marsali, Fergus, and all the rest of the Ardsmuir prisoners that survived and come to settle on the land. Hopefully a few other favorites will be resurfacing as well. There is great speculation on one or two characters we’ll explore later.

So here you go. Have fun creating Season 4 Memes.

Outlander Season 4 2018






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Ed Speleers, Outlander’s New Villain


As always, SPOILERS, for non book readers. Read at your own risk.

In the opening of Season 3, we lost, thankfully, our arch villain Black Jack Randall, who plagued the Frasers and those around them. Played well by Tobias Menzies, this villain made us all cringe and seethe, and take up arms against him.  After BJR had supposedly been killed by cattle at the prison, only to reappear in France, at Versailles no less, in the presence of King Louie, it seemed there was no getting rid of him. There is no taking down a sinister evil villain, they just keep coming back. Until the Battle of Culloden we finally experience in Season 3’s  The Battle Joined, where finally see Black Jack meets his end, as Claire warned him of the date, at Jaimie’s hands. And in some amazing cinematography not to be missed, we experience every tortured moment of our hero surviving that intense fight.

At long last, we are now heading into Season 4 and the end of Droughtlander. For those lucky enough to have attended NYCCC this last month, they were treated to a premier of episode 401 of the new season. For book readers, Drums of Autumn, the third book in the series by author Diana Gabaldon, shows us the New World of the American Colonies and sets the stage for Season 4. Jamie and Claire Fraser finally get a chance to settle down and create a home at Fraser’s Ridge, North Carolina. Build a homestead and community, and have a family around them. Along the way they will meet many new characters, and unfortunately any good drama cannot go without a villain. We find him in the character of Stephen

To take on the role of this Irish Outlaw and Pirate, we have another Downton Abbey Alumni, Ed Speleers, in the role of the sociopath extraordinaire, Stephen Bonnet. We first meet Bonnet when he reveals himself while the Frasers are burying a friend in the graveyard, one of the former prisoners at Ardsmuir Prison Gavin Hayes. Now we know that the series has taken a few different directions and we have already heard of some characters being changed, however we can expect that the writers of Outlander have included much of the terrible traits of this villain and may make him even more repulsive than BJR. He ingratiates himself into the Fraser’s family, traveling along with them and eventually betraying them in many ways that connect many of the characters. It’s not to be said that Bonnet does not have a hard life that shapes him into the dreaded new villain. Even Jaimie goes against his better judgement and helps him.

This role is a departure for Speleers who has played very likable, and flawed characters, including Downton Abbey’s James Kent, First Footman. In DA he plays a helpless flirt, and much of that character will reappear with Bonnet. However Bonnet will be a character that will leave us waiting for a just punishment, and we hope that the ending for Bonnet will very creatively be handled in the series. You’ll have a dram and rail at the screen again. It is not clear of course if we will only see him in Seas


on 4, as we learned with Murtagh, his fate could be dragged into another season if he is just that good at being so bad.

What are your thoughts? Book readers know Bonnet’s story in detail, however the series may change his immediate fate. Can this villain make it through to Season 5?

Tune in to Season 4 of Outlander on November 4, 2018 on Starz.


Duncan Lacroix Fans Get Some BTS Love This Week.



Duncan as Murtagh Fitzgibbons-Fraser in caravan after dispatching Simon Callow in “Vengeance is Mine”

Hello fellow Duncan Lacroix fans. We had a treat this week when Duncan released some BTS shots from the past two seasons of Outlander and a BTS from the upcoming Outlaw King. Sadly we saw nary 5 seconds of him in Sister’s Brothers film that debuted a few weeks back. Did you spot him? Camp invader? Wearing furs?







The first picture is of Duncan in the caravan after dispatching Simon Callow. The second picture is on break during Ardsmuir Prison filming for Season 3 with that greying beard tuft we all loved. The final shot is him rocking the chainmail as Lord Henry Percy and the haircut we adore.

season3post ardsmuir

Outlaw King

Stay tuned as we wait for the BTS from Outlander Season 4, hitting us on November 4, 2018.

Still waiting to find some more recent Duncan interviews for you.

Three if  By Space Interview

Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan are at NYCCom this Weekend


Fans have rolled in to New York Comic Con October 4 – 7th 2018. At the con a Frasers’ Ridge has been built, much like the Print Shop set  at San Diego Comic Con last year. Hopefully no real snow. Early attendees are enjoying first looks at the small set representations.

Schedule So Far:

Syfy Wire Live Stage on Oct 6 11:15AM Eastern Time

Official Outlander Panel is Scheduled for 5:00PM Oct 6

Time is always subject to change on panels. Check out the official Outlander Starz feed

Check out Syfy Wire as they will be live streaming during the weekend if you are not at the con, and attendees will start putting up their panel vids on.

I HIGHLY recommend finding Shaun Vlog @ShaunAlex87 on Twitter, an avid Outlander and Scotland Vlogger. He’s in New York now adownloadnd hopefully will have some great videos for you. You can subscribe to his YouTube channel at

As for screenings of Season 4, you’ll have to go to the Savannah Film Festival, Oct 28 at Savannah College of Art and Design.

And, all the entertainment magazines have their beautiful covers of Outlander this month. Rush out to Barnes and Noble and snap up your Entertainment Weekly Outlander Features.

Sam and Cait at NYCC

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Season 4 Screenings and Costume Display

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