Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan are at NYCCom this Weekend


Fans have rolled in to New York Comic Con October 4 – 7th 2018. At the con a Frasers’ Ridge has been built, much like the Print Shop set  at San Diego Comic Con last year. Hopefully no real snow. Early attendees are enjoying first looks at the small set representations.

Schedule So Far:

Syfy Wire Live Stage on Oct 6 11:15AM Eastern Time

Official Outlander Panel is Scheduled for 5:00PM Oct 6

Time is always subject to change on panels. Check out the official Outlander Starz feed

Check out Syfy Wire as they will be live streaming during the weekend if you are not at the con, and attendees will start putting up their panel vids on.

I HIGHLY recommend finding Shaun Vlog @ShaunAlex87 on Twitter, an avid Outlander and Scotland Vlogger. He’s in New York now adownloadnd hopefully will have some great videos for you. You can subscribe to his YouTube channel at

As for screenings of Season 4, you’ll have to go to the Savannah Film Festival, Oct 28 at Savannah College of Art and Design.

And, all the entertainment magazines have their beautiful covers of Outlander this month. Rush out to Barnes and Noble and snap up your Entertainment Weekly Outlander Features.

Sam and Cait at NYCC

Calendar and Panels Page

Cater Matt Updates

Season 4 Screenings and Costume Display

SCAD Fest Panels

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