John Bell as Young Ian Murray Will Just Steal Your Heart


If you havenae seen Outlander Season 4 Premiere, read at your own risk.

In Episode 401, America The Beautiful, Young Ian Murray, played endearingly  by John Bell, expands his character by showing us a lad on the cusp of his still childlike innocence, who is fast becoming a young man. Unfortunately, part of that process that made him become a man was the result of some very despicable things being forced upon him. Sadly, youthful innocence takes a knock on the head. Young Ian will have to right himself.

In the graveyard scene, when Jamie and Ian are setting to bury Hayes’ body, Ian has a flashback of his time with Geillis Duncan, AKA The Bakra. Along with her penchant for using husbands for gain, and then dispatching them, Geillis has a like of young men. Ian tells quite passionately his fears after she made him do despicable things. Jamie consoles him and tells him there is a difference in the physical act of pleasure being forced upon him, and true feeling. PTSD counseling in the wild, American frontier from someone who knows.

Young Ian Murray is a big book fan favorite and fast becoming a series favorite. He is always getting into trouble, managing amazingly to get out of it, sacrifices himself, and becomes a very earnest young man. Somehow, he always manages to bob up in the water when thrown in. He has been one of my favorite characters in the books because no matter what, he pops up and may cause a spot of trouble, but will also get everyone out of trouble if he can. He’s the happy-go-lucky relative that many families have, the one you wonder about how will he learn and will he survive. Somehow he always does, a conjurer of special moments and always somehow finding a laugh and a smile. John Bell plays this character so well, and a hats off to the casting team at Outlander, again for finding the right actor to snare our hearts.

Young John Bell will certainly shine continually as he whips up his young powers. He brings an energy to the character that all will enjoy. He will continue to make us laugh and cry. I can already see the action figures fans will create of Ian and Rollo taking on the American Colonies.

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