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Happy New Year From McTavish and Lacroix


Duncan Lacroix shared his Birthday Trip plans on Instagram this week, he was on trains, planes, and automobiles to visit his pal Graham McTavish at his home in New Zealand. There was a New Years Eve greeting hours before the rest of the world even woke.


Happy New Year from New Zealand, Grahams Video Post, for more fun visit his Instagram for New Years Day hiking fun.

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Duncan as the Super Antihero.

Where’s Young Ian?



Spoiler Alerts! Book Talk!

We hope to see a character that has been missing in Outlander for a few episodes in Episode 409 The Birds and the Bees, return. Our young, gangly man is starting to fill out and become a somewhat less lanky lad. We have not seen Young Ian Faser Murray (Played by John Bell) in a few episodes, and in episode 408 Wilmington, we learned he was still off with his Indian friends. For those of you that are book readers and have read both Drums of Autumn and The Fiery Cross by Diana Gabaldon, you know what actions Ian will take over the next months. That is, if they keep some of Ian’s storyline intact or develop it further like they have with other characters. Let us hope so, there is so much for the writers to work with here.

As I have written before, Ian is one of my favorite characters. He’s the lad who can find the biggest messes to get into, forget getting Rollo skunked, and somehow come out the other side with barely a scratch. But not all things come out easy in the end. Ian will soon learn to make a sacrifice and leave his family behind, to begin a new phase of his life.

A Bit of Book Logic

I am really keen to see if they kept the following the book in the script, because it is great character development for young Ian, and will give John Bell a lot to play with. While we saw no indications in the previews this week, Book Ian returns to Fraser’s Ridge in time to meet his cousin Brianna for the first time. They bond as cousins do. And when Roger finally locates Frasers Ridge, Lizzie, who has also become a fast friend with Ian, sees him coming up the hill and tells Ian that a MacKenzie is coming up the hill. She then tells Ian that the man assaulted Brianna in Wilmington. Ian finds Jamie and the two decide to head Roger off before he finds Brianna. They then beat Roger soundly, not knowing of course that it was Bonnet that really violated Brianna. Ian is then told to get Roger off to his Indian friends who will then sell Roger down the river to the Iroquois tribe. This later leads to a great sacrifice that Ian must make.


Series Logic

This scene may be adapted several ways, keeping the key elements of it and making Bonnet dispatch with Roger in a way where he is sold or indentured. Or Roger could escape and manage to make it to Fraser’s Ridge, and then meet his other fate. Hopefully they will involve Ian in the book storyline as it goes so well with the next stage of the young frontiersman’s life. For Ian grows on and with you in each book to come.

Please let our lad come back soon. We have missed him.

What do you think will happen when Ian turns back up? Will he join the Regulators, as Fergus may do?

Just Who Were The Regulators?

download-11As in Outlander Seasons 1 through 3, we had the impending fate of war, The Battle of Culloden, driving the background storyline of our main characters drive to change history in the Outlander series. The Frasers had lost that battle and could not prevent the decimation of the Highlander way of life in Scotland. When the Fraser’s arrive in the British Colonies in America 20 years later, they land in another uprising, the prelude to the War of Independence called the War of the Regulation or The Regulator Movement. It was an uprising that lasted roughly from 1765 to 1771. It is considered the start of the American Revolution by some, with the famous Intolerable Acts sealing the fate of the colonies after the battle at Alamance. It all starts with the over taxation of the common man and political corruption, and the lawlessness of the back country. The colonies were often exploited by the Crown and there would be growing rebellion that simmered over the years.

South Carolina

The movement started in the colony of South Carolina. Partly it was due to religious beliefs in the back country. The Regulators did not want a revolution, and did not seek to change the government, only the fair treatment of the people it governed. They wanted a form of government that fit the back country and brought some order. By some it was considered a peasants rising, and not a true war. Some of the religious factions of the area, the Presbyterians and Baptists worked together to support the cause, with Herman Husband bringing the two sides together for their common cause. To this day he is considered the leader of the movement, as he regularly corresponded with Benjamin Franklin and there is documentation of what was going on in the area, and why there was conflict.

In the beginning, the Regulators started out mainly as a way to govern or regulate the area. Outlaw gangs were common in the back country and raided farmsteads. The Commons House and Governor had failed to provide protection with sheriffs and magistrates. Citizens began policing and creating their own court system. The Governor recognized some legitimacy to the regulation and in 1769 created legislation for reforms to help manage the back country. However, since 1765 the Regulators had become anti-government due to heavy taxation and no assistance with the marauding brigands or any judicial help. Regulators demanded representation, schools, jails, courts, and actual judicial districts. Eventually there were laws passed for a judicial regulation and by 1769 civil war was averted.

North Carolina

North Carolina, where the Outlander Series takes place, saw a different trend in it’s download-14Regulator movement. Different reasons caused the rising. And a great deal more violence. There were growing farming settlement concerns in the back counties, versus the tidal plantations and west, where growth in population was faster than in the eastern counties. The assessment of taxes and gaining representation were not successful in the back countries, and favored the rich plantation owners. The General assembly and Governor Tryon favored the wealthy plantation land owners with their laws, and a cultural divide grew.

download-13The Regulators sought to close down the law courts and to stop tax payments that they deemed as excessive. Eventually rioting broke out in several counties, as the Government had seized properties and businesses for tax payments. Governor Tryon in May 1771, led a militia group, encouraged by a bounty of 40 shillings, to suppress the Regulators at the battle of Alamance Creek. Of the 15 prisoners Tryon took, six were hanged. The movement did not last after the defeat, and a new governor Josiah Martin stepped in.

More on the War of the Regulation:

University of North Carolina

Alamance Battleground




Episode 408 Behind The Scenes

b628c4a7cdca8594de644d99ede49d38ed999414_ols4_408_031518_09971The Theatre location, possibly St. Andrews in the Square, Merchant City, Glasgow, where filming took place last spring. The interior set designs by Jon Gary Steele are lavish and the details right down to the American penned play are accurate. 

We also met the first of the colonial historical figures that pop up as characters in the Outlander book series by Dianna Gabaldon. Colonel George Washington and his wife, Martha, make an appearance at the play.


Visit the behind the scenes details, including the script at:


In Outlander, All Roads Lead to Wilmington

Traveling to Scotland, use our location finder table on Google Docs to help plan your trip. If you have visited any of these locales and wish to add your suggestions, please contact us.

Outlander Filming Location News



Episode 409 The Birds and The Bees Preview


After this last weeks episode, 408 Wilmington, Outlander left us with a very depressed, chaotic feeling as reunions and tragedy struck again. Roger left Brianna after a lover’s quarrel. We saw Brianna, fall prey to Stephen Bonnet, the most recent scourge, villain, and outright sociopath in the Outlander Universe.  That night was the night where Brianna lost her innocence, once by choice with someone she loved, and again as a victim. Of course never having life on the dull side, were machinations by Jamie and Claire to help Murtagh escape the noose by warning him and the Regulators about Governor Tryon’s trap.

With the title The Birds and the Bees, you can guess it’s about the creation of life, and that uncomfortable talk that parents have with children about procreation. Brianna has just learned a big, painful lesson on innocence lost. She isn’t in the 20th century anymore,  and the morals and fair treatment of women were just becoming part of the sexual revolution when she left. She is determined more than ever to find her mother, the one person anyone would want consolation from in such a case. However it is so difficult to tell the truth of it to someone you love. In one of the scenes greatly anticipated by fans almost as much as the Print Shop Scene in season 3, how hard will it be for Brianna and Claire to reconnect, and Jamie to get to know the daughter he has never met?

Roger is trying to stay in Wilmington, to try to settle things with Brianna, even if he sees no hope, but Bonnet is having none of that. Bonnet insists he stay on as crew, there was an obligation he sees as not being met yet. How will Roger get out of Bonnet’s grasp, if he can?

We see a scene where Jamie turn’s around and says “Is there a message you wish to give me, lass?”. Book readers know what may be happening next.

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In Outlander, All Roads Lead to Wilmington

IMG_1959 2All roads lead to Wilmington in this episode, as a large crossroads town and serving capitol for the Governor of the colony, it is a great meeting place for many of our characters as their storylines cross paths. In episode 408 Wilmington, we see many dangers arise, and reunions met, and emotions that run the gamut. Now, remember back in Outlander Season 2 in Paris, the insane intrigue and plotting to stop the Battle of Culloden? It looks like the Frasers are going down a similar path, only this time they are eventually going to meet a revolution. Hang on to your seats, there’s a lot going on here.

Prelude 1769

In an episode filled with reunion, connections and intrigue, we start off with the across time reunion of Roger (Rik Rankin) and Brianna( Sophie Skelton). Roger makes it to Wilmington, North Carolina, and is fervently asking anyone in town that we meets if they have seen Brianna. He carries the nearly worn out portrait of himself and Bree that was done at the Scottish games two hundred years in the future. It reflects his beleaguered self, the worn out man seeking a woman he loves who didn’t just go away, passed back in time to do so. The life of a traveler is one fraught with danger and many trials. He turns to ask Fergus Fraser (Cesar Domboy), after leaving his place of employment at the printers, if he has seen the woman in the picture, and Fergus says no.

As Fergus continues on, he heads home to Marsali and their young wriggling son, IMG_1976Germaine. A surprise is in store, Jamie (Sam Heughan) and Claire (Caitriona Balfe) are in town at the request of Governor Tryon. Claire is spending time with grandchild and discussing the Governor’s real agenda, to check up on the Fraser’s and test Jamie’s loyalties. For 10 thousand Acres is at stake.


IMG_1984Marsali (Lauren Lyle), in a rare moment, confides in Claire how much motherhood has changed her. She feels she would do anything to protect her child, take a knife to her belly even. We see the tension that was once between Claire and Marsali has melted into a kinship of understanding, that Claire is not the evil witch Marsali was led to believe, and that the two women are family and have to support one another. We also see that Claire feels the loss of Brianna while handling baby Germaine.

Surgery as Subterfuge

download-2That evening Jamie and Claire attend the play at the Governor’s firm request and meet Mr. Fanning, who among other things, is the magistrate of the lands that encompass Fraser’s Ridge and surrounding areas. They are told the story of the man trying to placate some of the insurgents the previous spring, by bringing them a cask of rum drink after a recent outcry of taxation woes. He indicates to them that he had injured himself in the process. Other characters pop up and we are introduced to the first historical figure, Colonel George Washington and his wife Martha. Claire of course makes a historical faux pas about cherry trees. She later tells Jamie who he really is, and will be in the future.IMG_1975

Governor Tryon (Tim Downey), takes Jamie, Mr. Fanning and Col. Washington further into confidence while gauging his support against the insurgents, who he states should have no right to call themselves Regulators. Jamie finds out that the Governor knows that Murtagh (Duncan Lacroix) is one of the leaders and must find a way to escape the play to warn him after the Governor let’s slip that his men have gone to surprise the raid on the tax collector’s carriage. Tryon has a planted man in the insurgent’s camp, and knows of their movements.

JPEG image-9D3880A4E461-1In true Outlander fashion, a diversion must be made to allow Jamie to escape unnoticed, and one conveniently arises when Mr. Fanning goes into convulsions of pain from his injury, after Jamie conveniently aggravates the area, which Claire had suspected was a hernia. A table is laid clear and Claire performs surgery, cleverly diverting Governor Tryon in the process of performing the surgery by demanding his help. Jamie exits and finds that Col. Washington is leaving early and receives a ride in his coach to get into town under the guise of getting his wife’s medical bag, and sets off to warn Murtagh. He comes back before he is noticed missing, thanks due to some superb surgery by Claire, all done with efficient purpose, and not a drop of blood on the immaculate ivory dress.

The play’s the thing, and the intrigue involved was classic Outlander and hails back to IMG_1974season 2 in Paris with Kings, Princes, and an evil Compte. This time Claire and Jamie are battling a greedy Governor and people in power, like Fanning the magistrate with his hands in both pots. The colonies have become infused with backwater politicking. In order to survive, Jamie and Claire must appear to be in the Governor’s favor, yet let Murtagh know he’s in danger. The scene was played out with great finesse and aplomb by Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan, as their characters performed a ballet around Tryon and the other guests. How long they will be able to keep up this game, is not known. In Paris it nearly cost them their marriage, and they lost a child in all the strain their plots caused Claire during pregnancy. The stakes are very high again, with a large land grant, getting settlers, and appearing to help keep the peace will prove to be very difficult, and make for at least another season’s storytelling.

Regulator Action

Murtagh408Murtagh Fitzgibbons has done a great many things in his life. He’s been a cattle rustler, soldier, prisoner, indentured man, and blacksmith. And yes, when in Paris twenty years before, he acted as highwayman at Jamie’s direction, to steal the Comte’s and Prince Charlie’s wine shipment to foil the gaining of money to further the cause of fighting in Scotland. Now, as a leader of the Regulators movement, Murtagh is making his own plots and intrigue. His men are at the ready. His purpose to take back the tax monies taken from them. After surveying the road and thinking, Murtagh joins his men and they lie in wait, when the action is about to happen, Fergus comes crashing in and identifies himself as Fergus, and that M’Lord has asked him to worn them. Murtagh recognizes him and they call the raid off just in time. Fergus waits until the others leave, warning Murtagh that MurtaghFergus408there is a traitor in his camp. Murtagh is glad to be reunited with Fergus, however asks why his Godson could not deliver the message himself? Murtagh is incensed that Jamie did not come, growing impatient with Jamie’s neutrality declaration.

Laying the Blame

Later with Governor Tryon and Jamie in the carriage, Tryon bemoans his plans being thwarted and states someone must have warned them. The only people he told were with him in the carriage, except for Fanning who of course was being operated on. Another gentleman points out that Col. Washington had left, and Jamie helps going along with it most have been him. Tryon makes the annoyed statement to, “Never trust a Virginian!’ and that “Washington’s day will come!”. A very prophetic statement. And how will Jamie keep his involvement in going along with this pointing a finger, not bite back later?

The Fasted Hand

IMG_1971Roger is disappointed and well beat with searching for Brianna over two hundred years time and the dangers of sea crossing. There is nothing like finally getting to where she should be located, and not finding her. While sitting in the tavern of Brianna’s Inn, he has a frustration moment and gets up to leave, and then he hears her voice, booking passage up the river to River Run. They reunite and a slight tustle begins again, for their courtship will ever be a rocky one. Lizzie, Brianna’s maid, witnesses as Roger drags Brianna outside and they have another lover’s quarrel. In the street they agree to move to a shed that happens to have a bit of a fireplace and storage room. They declare their love and Roger brings up the old Scottish tradition of Handfasting, to become promised as husband and wife for a year and a day. They perform the ritual in front of the fire and have their wedding night.

In conversation after coupling, Roger let’s slip the fact that he had read the same obituary that Brianna had regarding her parent’s death. In true Brianna fashion, she takes exception when she discovers that Roger knew of the fire that would kill her parents, had read the same article, and did not warn her.

Roger again fails in becoming the parental figure, argues that it would have been dangerous and careless, he had wanted to protect her from the pain. The conversation goes from bad to worse, accusations of Roger controlling what Brianna thinks and does, and Roger rounding with he should perhaps treat her more like a wife and control her more, things would work out better. They come to a head with Brianna telling Roger he should just go. Roger with after traveling 200 years to find her and the dangers of her being on her own. Brianna states that she and Lizzie were doing just fine.

Sadly, Brianna has just set herself up. The 18th century is a very dangerous place for a woman to be alone in. After going from complete happiness, to utter betrayal with her lover, she is devastated, in shock. After Roger leaves, she stumbles back to the inn, where things become much worse. Stephen Bonnet (Ed Speleers) is drinking and gambling in the tavern downstairs and is flashing about her mother’s wedding ring. Brianna recognizes the ring and tries to buy it off him, and get any information she can about her mother. Bad judgement, and filled with anxiety and desperation about Claire, she follows him to another room, right into his trap. What follows is a terrible blow, a day that started with finding her love, the loss of him, and then becoming a victim to a sociopathic man. The rape scene is off camera with the effect being that you hear everything, but the camera stays on the tavern room with everyone in Bonnet’s crew continuing on as they acknowledge, and yet ignore the scene going on next door. A very beaten Brianna is allowed to take her mother’s ring, as payment for services, and she slowly, painfully goes back upstairs to her rooms with Lizzie.

Remember, Lizzie saw her mistress leave with the man, Roger, and come back hurt. Will Lizzie report the incident? And to whom.

Outlander Producers on the Difficulties of Dealing with Sensitivities With Sexual Violence

Season 4 has a great deal in common with season 2, with the plots and intrigues very close to the previous spying and intelligence gathering that Claire, Jamie, Murtagh and Fergus did to sabotage Prince Charles’ battle plans in Scotland. You would think they had learned the first time. The Frasers are falling into the troubles that are prelude to a war, the over taxation of the colonists is just one. As Claire has already brought up, there’s a revolution in 6 years time. War may seem far off, however, it will come to the backcountry and slowly begin to boil.  How can they place themselves out of harm’s way, how to keep Fraser’s Ridge a sanctuary from war.

Tainted Warnings

JPEG image-4D2E75B6D40E-1After the foiled carriage raid, Murtagh is annoyed that Jamie himself could not come and warn him, but is glad of the warning and reuniting with Fergus. We see another seed of the growing conflict between Godfather and Godson, as Murtagh questions Jamie’s loyalties. Perhaps he is becoming old and jaded, and who can blame him? He doesn’t trust the situation with the Governor, even though having Jamie appear close will help him to get information, which is what he had asked Jamie to do, and was refused. Jamie declared he would not help or hinder, that there was too much at stake. Murtagh feels betrayed, and if you remember back to a scene in a courtyard in Paris, when Jamie finally told Murtagh what they were trying to do in Paris, Jamie got quite the punch from his Godfather. Murtagh takes exception to not being trusted or included. Losing Murtagh again would devastate Jamie, he is the last of his clansmen. Do we think that Fergus will become involved with the Regulators, we know he wanted to fight so badly at Culloden. Murtagh will not like how Fergus lost his hand. JPEG image-FE5AAAA94E8E-1

Brianna and Roger

Sophie Skelton has another fine performance in a truly brutal scene. After telling the man she loves to leave, again, Brianna lands in the worst possible situation, becoming the victim of a sociopath. Skelton’s performance in the aftermath of the rape by Bonnet shows her growth as a performer over the last 2 seasons. The Hand Fasting and perceived betrayal, and consequential rape of Brianna at Bonnet’s Hands was on par with a Game of Thrones story line in it’s brutality. Rik Rankin is taking to heart playing a very stubborn man and his much outdated sense of love, but in some ways you cannot blame him. He is right about the dangers in the colonies, he is a historian, he knew what could happen. And Twitter was on fire with how Roger should have stayed! However, he will need to find some way to have more modern concepts of love while being in the 18th century, or he loses Brianna forever. We’ll see what happens next time on Episode 409 The Birds and The Bees, only 5 more episodes to go.

Rik Rankin on The Wilmington Clash at Video

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JPEG image-8916DD902839-1

“Is there a message you wish to give me, lass?”



Some Lacroix BTS Love

Fans of actor Duncan Lacroix got some much missed love this week when he posted some BTS from last year. Included what he wore in the Sisters Brothers and some details on the wee role. Outlaw King childhood channeling and some Outlander BTS humor. His followers have skyrocketed again, despite his wanting little to do with social media.

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Outlander Episode 408: Wilmington Previews

Murtagh’s in a whole lot of trouble. This weeks previews and photos show him hip deep in intrigue. Claire and Jamie are deep in plots and subterfuge again attending a play, and trying to find out how much the Governor knows about the Regulator activities. Governor Tryon confides in Jamie about his knowledge of the insurgent’s leader, Murtagh Fitzgibbons (Duncan Lacroix) and we get another reunion glimpse.

IMG_1959 2

Brianna and Roger make port, and Roger meets Fergus. Eventually  he meets up with Brianna, however Brianna will unfortunately encounter Stephen Bonnet. Something you should never do, is make Murtagh angry. Guess who is foolish enough to do that?

Roger and Bree’s reunion Fun Preview Article Entertainment Weekly



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Episode 407: Down The Rabbit Hole

Brianna headshotRoger and Brianna fans will have a delight in this weeks episode Outlander 407: Down the Rabbit Hole. With a perfect reference to Alice in Wonderland, what is it like for an inexperienced Brianna to travel through the stones, and come through the other side, over 200 years in the past? And Roger (Richard Rankin) to go chasing after her? What do you bring with you on such a journey? How would you find your way back? Answer: Compass, Map, a watch perhaps, matches, and period coin. Someone you love.

Spoilers Warning!

In an episode dedicated to Brianna and Roger, Brianna (Sophie Skelton) thinks she has found the solution to the distressing news she has discovered, to travel back and warn her parents of a fire that will happen in ten years time, to prevent the tragedy of their death. Roger receives her letter, telling him to forget her. Despite Roger trying to not inform her of the death of her parents that he found in documents in his father’s study, she has found out on her own. When last they were together, things ended badly. Roger’s reasoning is what can he do, he doesn’t wish to distress her, so he keeps the knowledge to himself. Her parents are are in the past and really, already dead. But time is a relative thing for travelers. Brianna determines to go back in time and warn them, despite what her mother Claire (Caitriona Balfe) has told her of trying to change history, how she and Jamie failed changing the outcome of the Battle of Culloden, and failed. However, headstrong Brianna cannot be told she can’t fix something.

Brave New World

Brianna is brave and fearless at times, however her inexperience will get he into trouble. In a call back to season 3’s Uncharted, it is Brianna this time building a fire, alone at night. BriannafireShe comes across time in the 1970’s ideal of country clothing, in a Gunne Sax style dress, with a cloak. She did not have the experience and time that Claire had to prepare to go back, therefore threw together what she could find for clothing. Not very practical or warm. What does she bring with her? A watch, something from the future, a map, period coinage. Bringing anything that is too foreign or strange will get you noticed by the wrong people. Practicality with the period map, Brianna can find her way to Ayr to take ship for the colonies. With her hair and attire she’ll attract attention, along with her manner of speech and accent. Wandering the highlands, she heads for Ayr, what she finds after a tumble is an ankle injury and that travel by foot is extremely difficult at the best of times. And she has had no contacts in the area, or so she thinks.

Finding Brianna

download-1Roger has been handed a letter telling him that Brianna has traveled to the future and that he is to forget about her. That’s not going to happen, as a historian Roger knows only too well how women are treated in the 18th century. Plus he’s still madly in love with her despite their clash and his anger over the marriage refusal. He begins preparing to follow Brianna through the stones and get’s help from Fiona Graham (Iona Claire), who is now the caller of the Druid group, in order to travel through the stones. He dresses as period close as he can, has a gemstone, and a map, compass and coin. He can hear the stones calling him, that eternal buzzing sound.

Unwanted Savior

The family Nemesis Laoghaire (LeeRee) played by Nell Hudson, turns up to rescue Brianna who by now has been really having trouble with her ankle and no aspirin to download-7help, only icy streams. She has collapsed on the road and is taken in by Laoghaire and her daughter Joan. Brianna, none the wiser that this is her mothers enemy, is cared for and meets Ian Murray when he comes to bring money. Arguing ensues between Laoghaire and Ian, with Brianna in the bedroom starting a series of flashbacks to Frank Randall, her mother, and her side of the many issues that came up in the marriage. In one episode,Frank had the obituary notice copy of the burning on Fraser’s Ridge, and the death of Jamie Fraser. At this point Brianna has no idea about her real father, who he is.

Laoghaire, a conversation begins with Brianna about love and people who did not love her, who loved her at one time, and what we know to be her twisted misconception of Claire and Jamie’s marriage and love. Eventually Laoghaire works out that Brianna is their daughter, and the two lock into a battle of words with Bree offering to leave at once. Laoghaire locks her in the room, threatening to have her turned over for witchcraft, so she can die like her mother should have. Eventually Joanie sets her download-3free and takes her to Lallybroch to Ian Murray, who acknowledges her as Jamie’s daughter rather quickly, provides her with yet another trunk of her mother’s clothes. He helps her to get to Ayr to find passage to the colonies to find Aunt Jocasta, and a maidservant for her journey.

Roger and Captain Bonnet

download-6Of course who turns up to beleaguer Roger, but that villain and brigand, Captain Bonnet (Ed Speleers). Bonnet, who stole Claire’s wedding ring in an attack on the Frasers, has done quite well for himself. He is captain of a ship, The Gloriana, and rules her with an iron fist. Roger is forced to work his way on board as they are full on passengers. During the voyage, he meets his Great Grandmother Morag MacKenzie, and tries to protect them from the captain, who has discovered a plague of pox on the ship and begins throwing those that look affected, overboard. The passengers are for his profit, to become indentured. The children make him no money. A confrontation between him and Roger over murdering children begins and Bonnet goes back to flipping a coin game after telling him of his fate with near death some years

I watched this episode and found that it was lacking clarity in some aspects, and not really giving as much of an in depth view on Brianna and Rogers situations and the harsh realities of adapting to the past. It felt a very hurried and rushed in the two journeys, we know that a journey took so much longer back then. While the television audience may not have the patience for journeys drawn out lengths, it should feel that there is a passage of time,  it was a long and arduous journey for many crossing the seas in the 18th century, if you survived the voyage at all.

Things Considered

Lallybroch: This sequence all happens rather quickly and we do no get to see Brianna stay with the Murray’s and get the real sense of extended family she has not had before. Her own mother being far away and the father that raised her is dead. Neither Jenny nor any of the other family members are around during the sequence and is sadly a missing piece.

In the book Drums of Autumn, Laoghaire, who shows up at Lallybroch after Brianna has travelled there and met the Murray cousins, creates a big scene over the money owed her. The clash with her and Brianna was much more heavy and real I think than what was going on in the episode Down The Rabbit Hole. Then again, book Brianna is much more fiery than the series Brianna. Hopefully we will see the spitfire Brianna in episodes to come.

Previews for next weeks episode 408: Willmington show a confrontation starting with Murtagh in the middle of it and Jamie trying to keep the peace. We can’t wait! You can watch these episodes at midnight on Saturdays with the Starz ®App and at 8PM EST on Starz®. Amazon Prime in the UK on Mondays.

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This episode’s pictures

David Berry, Transformed

In episode 406 Blood of My Blood, Lord John Grey comes down with the Measles, that which we are lucky enough to have inoculations against today, was a much more dangerous thing in the 18 century. It could often kill whole families, often taking children and devastated native populations.


Visit the behind the scenes at Starz® Outlander Page to see David Berry’s transformation and check out young Williams wardrobe design.


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