Episode 410 The Deep Heart’s Core Preview

Last week in Outlander Season 4 Episode 409 The Birds and The Bees, we were left with Roger who had been “disappeared” by a very angry Jamie Fraser. Mistaken for the man who attacked Brianna, he was beaten to a pulp and lead away by Young Ian on horse. In the previews for Episode 410 The Deep Heart’s Core, we see what befalls poor Roger, a character we have come to love and dislike a little because of the rocky road to love the man has endured in his love for Brianna.

In viewing the previews, we can guess that Lizzie finally admits to Brianna that Roger had come looking for her. Brianna tells Claire Roger had come to Fraser’s Ridge and she confronts Jamie. When the reality sets in, Jamie must right a wrong and find some way to bring Roger back to Brianna or possibly lose Brianna. Stay tuned this Saturday January 5 on the Midnight Drop on the Starz® App, and Sunday January 6 at 8PM EST on Starz®. Mondays in the UK on Amazon Prime.



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