Costume Insight Behind Episode 411

Terry Dresbach took to Twitter again during broadcast the weekend for Episode 411 If Not For Hope to give some insight to the design ideas for the episode. Not only some insight, but she will make you think, with her lessons on silhouettes and character logic. After many inquiries into the thinking behind the costuming this season, Dresbach has opened up more of the concept drawing cache of photos, storyboarding and mood boards for the episode.

There has been a great deal of fan questioning on where and how Claire and Brianna get their fabulous attire on the show. Much of it is pure history and practicality. As with all characters, much design thought goes in. If Claire only had Jocasta’s cast asides, even if they were not of practical cloth, she would wear what she had and adapt. Again, using remade clothing from Aunt Jocasta, or remaking Claire’s own wardrobe from 20 years before. The colonies simply did not have the textile goods since they were heavily taxed. Indeed later in the colonial period, many raw goods for textiles were shipped out to Britain, made into cloth, shipped back and heavily taxed. And in this episode, it’s Brianna’s turn for the baby bump adaptions with loose bedgowns.

Of course it’s not all about the ladies in this episode. Whenever Lord John Grey turns up, the costume elegance and verve swings in. Lord John is always impeccable, even in just his plain shirt and breeches. His is true elegance, even in his riding gear. In this episode we see him in a simply elegant dark blue with lovely gold trim, that outshines all the  suitors for Brianna.

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