Outlander, Droughtlander

We’re here, in Outlander Purgatory again. Season 5 has been in production with scripts and set building for a month, and recently Duncan Lacroix stated on his Instagram he was heading back to Scotland from his month long trip in New Zealand, for Season 5 prep. Jon Gary Steele dropped hints on construction beginning on the ‘Big house’, a spoiler from the books. So, we are looking at at least a year before we see Season 5, meaning winter or spring 2020? Better get yourself occupied.

Season 5 will encompass much of Diana Gabaldon’s book, The Fiery Cross. We have the cliff hanger of the season, where Jamie Fraser is told he must muster men and seek out and assassinate is Godfather Murtagh Fitzgibbons Fraser, one of the leaders of The Regulators. Going into this season, a Jamie storyline will be infused with a conflict, where he and Murtagh will be on two sides of an ideal. Going forward, show runner Ron Moore had stated that rather than each season involving a book, there may be half of a book covered, or scenes from another book brought forward in time. Rejoice in the fact that you have Season 5 and 6 in the wings.

Caitriona Balfe Talks Season Finale

Recently, I and other fans who are enrolled in Starz Insider, got to participate in an end of season, in-depth survey about the direction the show was taking. Very specific questions were asked about each of the characters, the relationship outcomes, rating the stars performances in the series, and more. I get the feeling they are considering having a hand in more of what goes on in the scriptwriting in the future, to give feedback to the writer’s room on the relationships and characters. Hopefully this means that you may be heard about some of your favorite characters and plot lines. I think this kind of survey can be helpful and harmful to the series at the same time. We’ll see what happens. Many of you vote on online star contests, thinking that this will boost your favorite character, but when it comes down to it, a survey like this can mean a great deal more.

Season 4 Cliffhanger Explained

So what do you do to survive Outlander Purgatory? Here’s a few things you are probably already doing, and if you are not, get started.

  1. Watch the series from the beginning. yes, you will drive everyone you love insane. Call your friends and just get together and watch it.
  2. Take a free, online class at Open University Scotland on Scottish History. Brush up on The American Colonial Revolution. You think you know it, but really you probably don’t.
  3. Read The Fiery Cross. Keep in mind they will be deviating and swapping storylines from here on out, even more so than in this season, but your should still read it.
  4. GO TO SCOTLAND. Yes, if you can get it together and have been saving up, go! Track down some of the many filming locations here on my ever updating and changing Google Doc Outlander Locations in Scotland. Please feel free to contact me and tell us of your experiences traveling to these sites. Here is an itinerary idea from Visit Scotland. Does not include all of the seasons sites. These are free ideas on touring.
  5. Want someone else to drive? There are a few good Outlander themed travel agencies and some not so good ones, and some you have to book well in advance. I have heard some good things about Mary’s Meanders.
  6. Go to Outlander Themed conventions. There were a few announcements this week for Rick Rankin at Portland Wizard World and Duncan Lacroix at Sasnak City, and Highlanders 4 Starfury Conventions UK. Please keep in mind that stars do cancel at some events if production or gigs come up. Not a guarantee.


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