Richard Rankin at Wizard World Comic Convention, Portland



Richard Rankin supporters were out in full force this weekend in Portland, Oregon. I attended the last day of the convention, namely to see Richard Rankin’s panel where he answered all things Richard and Roger MacKenzie. The fan group, The Rank and File, were in full force, hanging out in Richard’s booth and at his rather intimate panel.

I was first in line for autographs this Sunday morning, and chatted with some of the attendees who had been by a few times over the weekend. Due to the bridges being up and a shuttle mishap from the hotel, Rankin came a wee bit late. I want to say, he was a sport for the three of us while waiting grabbed the chalk and started creating very colorful drawings and slogans on his table. I will admit I gave him a bit of ribbing. We also proceeded to point out a video making the rounds at the convention of his not hitting the mark at the axe throwing event. We were soundly informed that it was a faked video, and he had a real video to show us, which he hunted down and shared.

He took it all in stride and fought right back with some rather original artwork all over my photo. Of course I asked for an official autograph, got that and a few selfies. Sadly the man shines and I don’t, but you’re not here about me. The hug was great, and the second one where I told him sorry for teasing so much, was even better. Yeah, he’s started working out just a bit.

The panel was a small gathering with fans and I was able to ask a question about “Was there ever a time when you had played either stage or screen, a scene you wanted to do over or make better at a later date?” Great response and insight into the acting craft. Hoping a video surfaces of the panel, with good audio because we were having trouble with the mics. But for now, have fun with the axe throwing videos on YouTube.

From the Rank and File Fan Site, Richard Rankin erm……


Richard, and avid photographer, is now dabbling in art and hands on photo mods.

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