That’s A Wrap, Andrew Gower and Stephan Walters

IMG_2545Andrew Gower and Stephen Walters have been working fervently, when not on acting and music projects, and a documentary called Humpty Dumpty. It’s a documentary about the Mersey Beat music scene in Liverpool. It’s a story featuring Tommy Quickly, a lesser known musician of the same scene that the Beatles and Jerry and the Pacemakers came out of.

Tommy’s story took a very different path from his peers, and musicians and actors Andrew and Stephan rand a successful fundraiser. There will be some original songs by Andrew and Stephan for the track. This past week, production wrapped and it’s being edited and ready to show at film festivals. IMG_2546

Gower fans what can you see Andrew in since his days on Outlander? Plenty. The Black Mirror TV series on Netflix in Crocodile, Season 4 aired December 29, 2017. Midsomer Murders (2018) a long standing series in the UK with the episode Send in The Clowns, check it out on Britbox. Indie Film Running Naked, released in the UK in January 2019.

And wait for it…Season 5 of Poldark! Andrew will play James Hadfield in episode 5.1. Can’t locate images yet for your viewing pleasure. It was announced in January, but we do not know the particulars on this character yet. Hadfield was a political historical figure in England. He had served in the French Revolutionary Wars as soldier, received head wounds and was subsequently damaged for life. He was convinced that he could help bring about the second coming of Christ by downloadassassinating King George III. Well, if that’s not a role Andrew can get his teeth sunk into, who else could? Poldark is due for release later this year in the UK and on PBS in the US in the Fall. Other upcoming in production roles as Ezra Spurnrose in Carnival Row , a dark and moody future series, and Blessed Are They That Fear The Lord.

Stephen Walters is currently filming the new download-2series Anne, staring as Steve Williams. The film is about the Hillsborough disaster in Liverpool at the FA Cup semi finals, where Anne Williams son is killed as a result of the tragic rioting, along with 95 other victims. Stephan visited this subject before when he starred the drama Hillsborough in 1996. He is also in pre Production for This Guest Of Summer as Catcher ,with another Alum or two, Duncan Lacroix as Flayel, and directed by Graham McTavish (Mallory). Filming will start in fall of 2019 in New Zealand.

Film info and video summary about film project with a song :



From Andrew Gower’s Instagram Poldark 5



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