Catch Diana Gabaldon at One of Outlander’s Filming Sites next week


Outlander Literary Evening at Hopetoun House, With Diana Gabaldon

March 15 SOLD OUT!

If you are lucky enough to be traveling in Scotland, or live there of course, I hope you were able to secure tickets. This estate was featured in Outlander Season 1 , Duke of Sandringham’s rented estate while visiting Clan MacKenzie. It is where Claire and Jamie request a pardon for Jamie, and petition against Black Jack Randall. Jamie of course gets in trouble being a second for the Duke at a duel against The MacDonald.

I am very glad to see that the even was very reasonably priced an no booking fees. Bravo Publishing Scotland!

I was fortunate enough to catch Diana at The Armoury here in Portland two years ago. We had a wonderful time, however that pales to the time spent in a filing location, and one so grand as this. If you are one of the very lucky few to go to this event, please share with us your wonderful experiences.


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