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The Hunt for Fraser’s Ridge

IMG_2876Looks like some Outlander Hunters have spotted some well guarded buildings near Doune Castle. Must be filming. If you are traveling near Stirling, Scotland, you should make a visit to Doune Castle by all means, as it has been used for filming not only Season 1 of Outlander, but Monty Python’s Holy Grail, and some bits for GOT. Close by is David Stirling Memorial, and past that a bit in the wooded area you may find that an area is blocked off and guarded. There are buildings there. They look suspiciously like Fraser’s Ridge to us all right. From Stewart on Twitter. It is still rumored that Cumbernauld Glen isĀ  continuing to be used for parts of Fraser’s Ridge.

If you are a keen Outlander filming local hunter this spring and summer, send us you snaps and info. We’d love to share the fun.

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Outlander Cast Hiking Ben Lui

IMG_2855Instagram accounts for Sam Heughan, Sophie Skelton, and Duncan Lacroix lit up the day before Easter. The cast members along with David Berry and past crew members went hiking Ben Lui in Scotland. Although not tall enough for Munro status, the hike still commanded great views of higher climbs still, and fabulous green valleys. Duncan appears to be the camera person for most shots, then finally gives us a selfie.

Here’s hoping that Duncan didn’t pitch David off a cliff, since his musings on ditching Berry somewhere as Murtagh and LJG don’t quite see eye to eye on things. Healthy rivalries aside, it looks like all had a fabulous hike and made room for chocolate eggs. Or knowing all of them, a bit of whiskey.

Then there was the Easter egg hunt at Barry Waldo and Jon Gary Steele’s place, in which Lacroix does a chocolate egg stuff his face much like in Cool Hand Luke routine. Somehow he lived to tell the tale, and is hopefully filming today.


Lacroix Sends a Little Bad Santa Love

Duncan Lacroix

Duncan Lacroix (Murtagh) posted some more trailer picts from Season 4, pulling faces and running the gamut of his acting range? Hardly, the man has so many more to show us. Maybe it’s all to build up his outlaw hiding-in-plain sight mode as the Regulator on the strike and run trail. But really, he was disappointed in not getting the holiday Santa job.

You know how some scared kids could be by the man in red sometimes, however there would have been some really happy fans sitting in his lap if he had the job.

Caitriona Balfe posted a sunrise, Sam posted a IMG_2845sunset picture, and there was a conference with Cait’s famous cat Eddie. But somehow these faces being pulled just make the day for us sidekick fans.



Graham McTavish Updates: Preacher and Lucifer

IMG_2819 2

McTavish fans, it’s time for another past cast update. Graham has Tweeted and Instagram wammed on his exploits these past few weeks. This weekend, he has been at SupernovaExpo Weekend Sci Fi and Comics Con in Australia. Graham just eats up the Con Circuit, and the fans adore him. Not able to be there, save up for next year, he is known to make repeats at the Cons.

Another great way to get through Droughtlander, keep up on past cast exploits!

Graham has been filming season 4 of Preacher in his recurring role of The Saint of Killers (SOK) in Australia and other undisclosed locations. Looking forward to another hot pursuit of Jesse, Tulip, and Cassidy. Although as we left off last season, SOK decided to switch sides, or create is own side really, because well, he killed Satan? (Or did he?) Still wondering how they get production going in Australia, as 90% of film crews are booked solid for Cameron’s films, which is one reason Graham’s This Guest of Summer got pushed back to November 2019 filming. Sounds more like a Hollywood Pull power play, and some of McTavish’s filming bumped it back a bit. It looks like it’s the final season for the Preacher series. You can catch up on storylines on Preacher Here. However, if Lucifer could get a fan reboot, maybe Preacher could too?

Graham is also publicizing his new role in the Netflix takeover and reboot of Lucifer, based on a comic character from a Neil Gaiman comic. It seems like Graham is just getting picked up for great graphic novel to screen series everywhere. This time though, he is playing a kindly priest, Father Kinley. Or is he? Seems that Graham is always getting cast as semi- or straight on baddies. We’ll see just how kind this priest really is.

The Lucifer reboot was fan driven, with campaigning for months to get the show to its IMG_2820 24th season. It will now now be produced by Netflix, and may be a much better fit. Many of us were wondering how the show got on the ultra conservative network Fox to begin with. The show is set to drop May 8, 2019 on Netflix. The season will be split with a 5 to 5 on 10 episodes.

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Table Reads Start for Season 5 Outlander

Screen Shot 2019-04-04 at 7.25.34 PM

Sophie Skelton in the Armory having a blast off

As you may have read in the various feeds, there have been a lot of new changes for Season 5. One of them is that both Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan are now producing for season 5. We know that Cait is very serious about this new role, as she showed up on set well before Sam did, because she is such the professional. Both actors hinted at taking on greater roles in the production of the Outlander series late last year. We’ll see what new directions the series takes with the pair taking a hand in production.

Other actors from the show, all showing their scripts or table cards started posting on Instagram this week, including Duncan Lacroix, whose name was misrepresented again, and lamented over a bit in his Instagram feed. But he takes it all in with great humor.

Hang on and keep checking your feeds, it’s going to be a long Droughtlander.

Article: Caitriona Balfe Irish Times