Graham McTavish Updates: Preacher and Lucifer

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McTavish fans, it’s time for another past cast update. Graham has Tweeted and Instagram wammed on his exploits these past few weeks. This weekend, he has been at SupernovaExpo Weekend Sci Fi and Comics Con in Australia. Graham just eats up the Con Circuit, and the fans adore him. Not able to be there, save up for next year, he is known to make repeats at the Cons.

Another great way to get through Droughtlander, keep up on past cast exploits!

Graham has been filming season 4 of Preacher in his recurring role of The Saint of Killers (SOK) in Australia and other undisclosed locations. Looking forward to another hot pursuit of Jesse, Tulip, and Cassidy. Although as we left off last season, SOK decided to switch sides, or create is own side really, because well, he killed Satan? (Or did he?) Still wondering how they get production going in Australia, as 90% of film crews are booked solid for Cameron’s films, which is one reason Graham’s This Guest of Summer got pushed back to November 2019 filming. Sounds more like a Hollywood Pull power play, and some of McTavish’s filming bumped it back a bit. It looks like it’s the final season for the Preacher series. You can catch up on storylines on Preacher Here. However, if Lucifer could get a fan reboot, maybe Preacher could too?

Graham is also publicizing his new role in the Netflix takeover and reboot of Lucifer, based on a comic character from a Neil Gaiman comic. It seems like Graham is just getting picked up for great graphic novel to screen series everywhere. This time though, he is playing a kindly priest, Father Kinley. Or is he? Seems that Graham is always getting cast as semi- or straight on baddies. We’ll see just how kind this priest really is.

The Lucifer reboot was fan driven, with campaigning for months to get the show to its IMG_2820 24th season. It will now now be produced by Netflix, and may be a much better fit. Many of us were wondering how the show got on the ultra conservative network Fox to begin with. The show is set to drop May 8, 2019 on Netflix. The season will be split with a 5 to 5 on 10 episodes.

Lucifer Reboot Radio Times

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