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July Filming in Hottest Week for Outlander at Queens Park, Glasgow

Film crews were seen at Queens Park, Glasgow South Govanhill area, Scotland on July 23, 2019 filming what looked to be more 1960s or 70s scenes. Temps were 30° Celsius plus over the week, the hottest in 125 years in Europe.


If you are traveling to Scotland in August, it is rumored that there may be filming at the Hopetown Estate, namely Midhope Castle. However, there are many properties on this estate used for filming. This location is used to film exterior scenes for Lallybroch. If you are planning on a visit to Scotland to see Outlander locales, this is usually the top of the list. Please call ahead, while they try to list closures on site, due to contractual agreements and publicity, they may not announce officially until a day or two before. It is also wedding season. And it looks like their news section has not been updated for some time. The estate is located west of Queensferry, outside of Edinburgh.

Starz Announces Early 2020 Return for Season 5 of Outlander

Starz® announced Friday, July 26 2019, that Outlander will be returning for Season 5 in early 2020. We are nearing the middle of Droughtlander, the term so dreaded by fans as the show has usually taken 11-12 months of filming and production in past seasons.

The speed of filming is down to fewer episodes, and more film teams. While we are used to long series here in the states and Canada, sometimes reaching 18 episodes per season in some shows, with large productions like Game of Thrones and Outlander, longer seasons is both costly and time consuming. Most series that are period or special effects driven in other countries are 6 to 10 episodes.

Starz® announced it was extending the series to season 6 in 2018. Knowing the fanbase history, fans of the show will start campaigning for seasons 7 and 8 by the time season 5 airs. However, given the shorter episode pattern, it is possible that the writers, who are already going in different directions from the book series, may surpass author Diana Gabaldon’s writing. She is currently finishing book 9 and averages 5 to 6 years a book. Let’s hope we make it to the explanation of the ghost of Jaimie in series 1. Although, many of us already know that one.


Graham McTavish and Sam Heughan to Host Podcast Series, Clan Lands

Screen Shot 2019-07-21 at 7.58.01 PM

Graham McTavish had a wee visit with Sam Heughan today and announced on Twitter and Instagram that they had a project, a podcast, in the works. Clan Lands, or @ClanLands on Twitter, is to be a series on Scotland, history and landscape. I’m sure there will be much whiskey tasting in the mix. McTavish has said the series will begin in September, about the time he will be beginning production on This Guest of Summer, which is moving production from New Zealand to Scotland.

Looking forward to the podcast, hopefully featuring some fine guests and the best guest of all, Scotland.

You can follow them at the new Twitter account, @ClanLands, which doesn’t have its magic blue tick yet. But as it’s gaining followers will get past the 500 mark really quick. For authentication, keep checking on both @SamHeughan and @grahammctavish for official information about the podcast. When they go live, we’ll have links for you.

Screen Shot 2019-07-21 at 8.04.00 PM

Outlander Filming in Paisley, Scotland

download.jpgUpdate 14/7/19

Filming took place and included 1960’s cars, Caitriona Balfe was in her 1960s bob wig, driving a classic 1960s vehicle. Interiors in Thomas Coats Memorial Baptist Church and is rumored that the production made a large donation as the church is in fundraising to stay open, and possible renovations. Let’s hope they can keep the church open so if you plan for season 5 local visits, you can see it. If you wish to help out, see link below.

This looks to be another flashback scene. In Fiery Cross, book 5 of the Outlander series books, Claire Fraser has a waking scene with the ghost of Frank from her dreams. This looks to be another series only scene. images-1.jpg

Filming took place in the High Street/Wellmeadow Street area, between Stories Street to Walker Street.

Outlander Filming in Paisley

100 Days to Save Coats Memorial Fund