July Filming in Hottest Week for Outlander at Queens Park, Glasgow

Film crews were seen at Queens Park, Glasgow South Govanhill area, Scotland on July 23, 2019 filming what looked to be more 1960s or 70s scenes. Temps were 30° Celsius plus over the week, the hottest in 125 years in Europe.


If you are traveling to Scotland in August, it is rumored that there may be filming at the Hopetown Estate, namely Midhope Castle. However, there are many properties on this estate used for filming. This location is used to film exterior scenes for Lallybroch. If you are planning on a visit to Scotland to see Outlander locales, this is usually the top of the list. Please call ahead, while they try to list closures on site, due to contractual agreements and publicity, they may not announce officially until a day or two before. It is also wedding season. And it looks like their news section has not been updated for some time. The estate is located west of Queensferry, outside of Edinburgh.

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