Outlander Lallybroch Filming Rescheduled for September?


There was some consternation earlier this week when scheduled filming at Midhope Castle, Lallybroch to Outlander Fans, had filming cancelled.  There had been a few days of scheduled filming commencing on August 26th. A press release by the Houpton Estate said that the filming had been postponed due to an actor growing a beard for another production. Apparently this would be too much hair for the production? The estate said it would be having filming possibly September 2 – 6.

It is possible that this is a delaying tactic to abate too many visitors being around during filming. Some of the filming sites are getting mobbed during the hight of tourist season and this can make filming difficult.

If you were planning on traveling to the area this week, call ahead to make sure you can have access.

Hopetoun House
South Queensferry
EH30 9RW
Phone: 0131 331 2451

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