Steven Cree Joins A Discovery of Witches Series

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If you are a cross genre fan and filling up time in Droughtlander with other fun historical time travel series, look no further than A Discovery of Witches, a Sky TV production that is based on the All Souls Trilogy by Deborah Harkness. I’m finally getting to finish this series of books up, and having fun imagining what a more colorful world it would be if I had daemon and vampire friends. Like mystery involving daemons, vampire clans, and witches, oh and time travel? Then you’ve found the right series to help tide you over. And you get to see a very bearded Steven Cree. Maybe he could take some lessons from Duncan Lacroix, as his advice seeking from Sam Heughan is going no where.

It was announced this past week by Steven Cree’s (Ian Murray) Agency Troika, that Steven would be filling the very big shoes of Gallowglass, a Scottish vampire in the series. It is also why some filming had to be moved around that involved the beloved Lallybroch location earlier this month.

Now, if you have read the books, Gallowglass is definitely some serious shoon to fill. Cree Screen Shot 2019-09-15 at 1.20.03 PMis often seen in roles where he has an aloof brooding, not saying much, but when he does it is filled with depth and understanding. Oh, wait, that would be perfect for his new role.

While many of the All Souls Trilogy fans have also entered debate into familiar book v. series conversations on social media, this production is fairly faithful to the books. That said, the coming season will be a treat as Stephen will be in the 16th century in Elizabethan London on this time excursion. And he has already lived quite a long life.

Sadly season 2 of A Discovery of Witches is still in production and will show on Sky Network later in 2020. It takes at least a month or more before it shows on networks AMC owns in the States. You are looking at at least summer of 2020 before you can catch the show if you are in North America.

Also joining the cast as Philippe De Clermont, Mathews Vampire Father and head of the De Clermont family is James Purefoy.

The story follows the witch Diana, played by Teresa Palmer, who discovered the Book of Life when doing research. The vampire Matthew De Clermont (Matthew Goode, Downton Abbey) tracks her down as they are both drawn to the mysterious book, the fact that many deamons and witches are searching for it, and only Diana can seem to call it up from the mysterious Bodleian library at Oxford University. Series two encompasses the second book in the series, Shadow of Night.

Check out Steven’s Twitter account, as he is already having some fun pokes at the massive beard he must grow and how the beard is overshadowing his life on the new set.

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