Outlander Locales: Stirling


Castle Stirling

Stirling has been a hotbed for filming these past few years. Filled with history, Robert the Bruce Country, and amazing forests and hillwalking opportunities and many woods and exterior opportunities make it a great place to film. Although crews work tirelessly at all hours and under weather conditions from snow and ice to heat and full on midge attacks, the beauty and hospitality of the area make it a fantastic shoot. Not to mention the fabulous Stirling Castle, with some of the best living history examples I have seen at an estate. Stirling and the surrounding area boast several locations for Outlander filming, including recent filming fo


Doune Castle as Castle Leoch

r Season 5. Oh, and then there are a few films, like the recent Netfix film, Outlaw King, that have filmed in the surrounding areas.

Fall is one of the most spectacular times in Scotland. The tourist numbers go down a bit, and with recent climate changes there have been Indian Summer days a plenty. However it’s still a country of four seasons in a day, so pack accordingly. Stirling is a great place for hillwalking, and locations like Mine Woods, where some of Season 5 has been filmed, is just one such area to have a peaceful ramble.


Doune Castle as Winterfell


And if you are a fan of great series and film, why not check out the surrounding areas for your favorites. And many other Outlander and other filming locations are within an hour of the city. The city is reachable by train and there are some public buses and touring companies that can get you to these sites.


  1. Doune Castle – You know it as Castle Leoch, has also been Winterfell in S1 of Game of Thrones, and Monty Python’s The French Castle.
  2. Dunblane Cathedral – Near Doune Castle. S4 Kirkyard burial.
  3. Drummond Castle Gardens – S2 Gardens at Versaille Outlander GREAT FALL COLORS!
  4. Abercairney Estates – Creiff S4, S5 Plantation River Run
  5. Bridge of Allan (Mine Woods) – Wolfs Hole Quarry S5 Regulators camp
  6. Cambusbarron – Stirling Outlying village and woods area.
  7. Touch House, Touch Estate, Stirling S2 Culloden House Outlander
  8. Pathfoot Building, University of Stirling S2 Roger and Bree meet Geillis Duncan 


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Cambusbarron, Stirling Area Night Shoot August 9, 2019

Outlander Season 5 Bridge of Allan Night Shoot May 6, 2019

6 thoughts on “Outlander Locales: Stirling

  1. Gordon

    I have spotted my first two locations in Season 4. The interior, bridge shot, of Chicago Airport in 1970 is part of the University of Stirling (I think) and then later when Brianna travels through the stones she seems to end up in Braeleny, on the high rolling moorland above Callander, with a view (North!) at one point to Stuc a’Chroin and Ben Vorlich. Would love to know if I was right. Am watching the show for the first time. Really enjoying it


    1. Gordon

      …or possibly further South, you can see farmed land in the middle distance, so perhaps the Carse of Stirling? Definitely Stuc a’Chroin and Ben Vorlich but perhaps from further away than Callander and looking over all of the Carse?


  2. Gordon

    That was great to read, thank you so much. I think there was some filming also, not just at Cambusbarron, but at Cambusmore, the former quarry just outside Callander. The film trucks were seen around there last summer and the locals report seeing sets. It was all very hush hush at the time.


    1. Janet Canning Post author

      yes, I think I covered some of that in an article about Duncan Lacroix and the Regulators filming at the miner wood. My friend lives outside Stirling and said they had heard about some things going up at that site. Cambusbarron had a bit on their Facebook page last summer.


      1. Gordon

        You can see the set of the house from the road, or at least you can from the top deck of the double decker that goes between Callander and Stirling. Just after the sign for the quarry, on your left as you head into Callander.


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