Jon Gary Steel Leaves Outlander Team


It is with great sadness that Outlander is losing its magnificent Set Designer, Jon Gary Steel. Five seasons, 7 years involvement with production have left its mark on the series with Jon’s innovative style, recapturing ages in the past from the 20th to the 18th century. His talents for finding that amazing pallet for the Paris Apartments, that were upcycled to be Jamie’s Printshop in Season 3, to building the new Big House for Season 5. He announced his departure at the Season 5 Wrap Party.

Many of us will miss his great sharing of current tidbits of production, in the “Guess what this will be” teases, sharing of moments past, and look for that super Easter Egg. His amazing insight and scouting for that just right motif or architectural wall are evident in all set design down to the smallest detail. Always a great champion of his design crew on-site and in LA. IMG_3846

This week Jon and Husband Barry Waldo returned to Los Angeles and were so happy to see the sun. We look forward to new set design and producing ventures of Mr. Steel.

You can keep up with Jon at his very busy Twitter site, @jongarysteel, and his website where he has great break downs of set design and Outlander links. We wish him all the best. He joins his great friend Terry Dresbach, and this last season saw @TheMattRoberts take the lead for show and writer’s room while continuing to produce. Ron D. Moore is still in his seat as showrunner. New producers Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe have just stepped up for co-producing in the new season.

Jon Gary Steel’s Website is a bit behind. Hopefully, now that he has more time, there will be more great insights.


4 thoughts on “Jon Gary Steel Leaves Outlander Team

  1. Nancy Buckingham

    Can someone take off that awful Spanish Moss from the trees at Fraser’s Ridge? It’s embarrassing to see. This plant does NOT occur in the mountains of North Carolina or in mountains ANYWHERE. You might as well bring in Bald Cypress Trees! Eastern North Carolina, yes…..Western North Carolina, no.


  2. Deborah Lanius

    I was dismayed to see the Spanish Moss. I live in South Carolina but have visited the NC mountains and it is just not found there. May be on the eastern part of the state. I kept thinking to myself “Something is wrong here”. Wish they could have researched it more.


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