Duncan Lacroix’s Holiday and Birthday Adventure

Lacroix fans have been spoiled for the end of 2019 and the beginning of 2020. First Duncan had a new set of headshots that he exposed to the world, and then set out on a grand few adventures.

Duncan decided to go large for that very special birthday celebrating living half a century on December 28, 2019.


Duncan first met up with friends in Los Angeles, Jon Gary Steele who has just left Outlander production and met up with friends in his first visit to LA. He took in the sites and did a lot of beachcombing on the So Cal beaches. After an insane Christmas party and events, Duncan hopped a plane to Maui, Hawaii. The minute he got off the tarmac, he was downing the Mai Tais. IMG_3960

Duncan Celebrated his 50th in style with killer balcony views. He also found one man crazy enough to wear wool on Maui, a fearsome piper to be sure. After a few beach filled days, he rented the Murtagh Mobile Mach II and headed out to Hana. This road is quite perilous and twisty offering amazing landscapes. Hmm, watch out volcano, you may have met your match.

It sounds like Duncan is going to have to start Vlog Casting his travel adventures soon. You can check out his Instagram, yes he is not on Twitter, Snap, FB or other Social Media sites, and he like other members of the cast have been having problems with fake accounts. You can find him at @duncan.lacroix.



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