Outlander Season 5 Costume Reveals and Teasers

IMG_4022It’s 24 more sleeps. Droughtlander is over in two weeks. The stills and previews keep flooding in. We are getting glimpses of what’s to come in Season 5, including plenty of costume shots and BTS from many on the production and cast members. More is hitting us every day. So here is a short roundup of images in the last two weeks.

Also, as you can see in the narrated previews and images being released, that we see more of what Trisha Biggar has done as the new costume designer for the series. I’m still chewing on some of it. Having been a costumer for years, to me this period is always a rough one. When it’s done right it’s great, when it’s fantasy, not so good. We also have not had the personal interplay we had with designer Terry Dresbach, who is still sharing pictures of past season creations. The new costume designer Trisha Biggar has had books published of her work for the Star Wars® films, so we are not sure if she keeps things close after release or does much on Twitter. You can look at her hashtag and find some fun bits about current and past work from fans, #trishabiggar. Hopefully, after the season starts, Starz will continue with showcasing costume along with other BTS of each episode.

For a great podcast, check out Trisha Biggar on BAFTA Scotland interview about Star Wars, costuming, and how she got into the business.

Trisha Biggar Scotland BAFTA Interview



For a very detailed interview about the new season, catch up with Sam Heughan who is about to turn, 40 ish? He seems to be wearing it well. Also, some other roles this year coming to the box office.

Sam Heughan Inquirer Interview

Trisha Biggar On IMDb

Trisha Biggar

Season 5 Production Previews

Outlander on Starz

5 thoughts on “Outlander Season 5 Costume Reveals and Teasers

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  2. Kimberly

    Hello! I’m writing to see if you might be able to help me source the wrap Clare wears at bedtime in afew episodes of season 5. All I find when searching her wardrobe is knitting but this is not. The wrap she wears is over her shift, it appears to be gray in colour with possibly a thistle pattern, it is fringed. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    Thank you in advance!
    Kimberly in Canada 🍁


    1. Janet Canning Post author

      If you mean source as if it was historically accurate, there were several female variations of the Banyon in the colonies, namely bedjackets at varying lengths. Trisha Biggar, the new costume designer, tends to keep things close to the bone and unlike Terry, is not public about the costuming as in Twitter and or Blogging. Sony let out a few designs concepts this season. She has published or there have been books about her designs from the past, so she may get behind an Outlander Costume book in the future where Terry could not get Starz/Sony to do one. Keep in mind that the colonists in a rural farm situation would have limited fabrics, and part of the colonial rebellion was driven by the taxes collected on everything and the fact that there were restrictions on the colonists producing fabric. The British took the raw goods, created the fabric, shipped it back at exorbitant prices. While policing people weaving in the backcountry would be difficult, it’s one of the things that may be brought up in this season…the taxation without representation increase on all goods.

      That aside, keep in mind that Claire is from the future and is modifying her clothing. A big stick of mine is in the day even in rural places, women would wear at least some form of leather stays or bind themselves. Claire and Brianna have boob definition that is not period. But Claire does try to bring feminism anywhere she can, and it’s what gets her in trouble.

      Pinterest has many Outlander costume collections but can be quite maddening to go through. I am sorry, but maybe a few of the colonial chat boards. Good luck.


  3. Kimberly

    Oh no, I wondered if it was possibly available for purchase somewhere or if the fabric was available. It wasn’t a jacket more like a stole with fringe.



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