Murtagh’s on a Mission

Outlander Season 5 2020He’s got nothing to lose now. He has lost his family, the only thing keeping him grounded, and his love. Now all he has is a mission against injustice. A life of suffering from The Crown, he wants to finally stop the tyranny.

Murtagh walked away from Jamie in Episode 501 The Fiery Cross. A tearful parting that left not a dry eye in the house. Murtagh is one of the leaders of The Regulator’s cause. Now it’s all he has. In true Murtagh fashion, he’ll go full bore. Will we see the berzerker of the Culloden battle once more? Or a more refined but no less fearless leader of men? Murtagh has always deferred to Jamie leading, now it is his turn.

Stay tuned for Between Two Fires Episode 502 next Saturday, 22nd of February at midnight on the Starz App, Starz Channel Sunday, 23rd of February at 5:05 pm ET 8:05 PT, Canada on W Network at 9:00. UK Monday on Amazon Prime.

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