Best Outlander Sets and Yes, Jon Gary Steele is on to The Dreaming


Jon Gary Steele

I was saddened to hear that Jon was leaving Outlander production a few months back. However, after 7 years of working on this extremely intense production, you can only cheer him on to try out new adventures. Especially when it’s on one of your favorite comic series finally coming to the screen, Neil Gaiman’s Sandman series on Vertigo comics. Guess Gary is off to The Dreaming.

Sadly, like many productions around the world, Netflix’s The Sandman has shut down due to COVID-19 pandemic. Based on the series by Neil Gaiman, and which he is also narrating and producing, it has been through several attempts to bring it to the screen. This time Netflix has a big commitment behind it.

I am so looking forward to Steele’s take on The Dreaming, the world of Morpheus (Dream), and his siblings, the Endless: Destiny, Death, Destruction, Desire, Despair and Delerium. A very different world than that of Outlander. We will miss him, but enjoy a different kind of BTS soon.

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