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That Duncan Lacroix Autograph We’ve Been Waiting For


So, back about 5 months ago many of us watched a lovely fan Zoom party with Wizard World Virtual Outlander Panel on May 5, 2020. Then many of us purchased autographs. Then many of us waited, and waited. COVID made shipping and getting a hold of the actors nearly impossible. After 5 months of traveling the world, I finally got my Murtagh Season 1 photo, the image I always thought of as the “Messy Murtagh”, professionally “dirted” up, sent to me. I’m so glad I got it in time for my Sasnak City Video group chat with Duncan Lacroix. I’m waiting on the details, and hopefully my question will be answered, and I will not be totally embarrassed to actually sort of be face to face with Duncan. Well, I guess if I survived Richard Rankin, I can survive anyone. Stay tuned.

Oh, and this great interview with Duncan surfaced this week. Looks like he wants to know how the story plays out, too. We miss you, man.

‘Outlander’s Duncan Lacroix Reflects On 7 Memorable Murtagh Moments

Outlander on Wizard World Virtual Live Video Chat Series April 30 and May 5

OUTLANDER Cast Panel Full at Wizard World Virtual

Playback of Wizard World Outlander Virtual Panel May 5, 2020. Outlander ©2020 Starz®

Duncan Lacroix on Global News Canada Morning Show Interview

Actor Duncan Lacroix on Canada’s Global News The Morning Show this week, talks about sticky situations and will there maybe be a flash back or two? Click on recording to enlarge.

And why do these announcers just not get how to pronounce “Lacroix”? It’s CRAW.

And here’s some more mumbled fun at Wizard World Cleveland last March before the lockdown. You’ll have to crank the volume.

Interview part 1
Interview part 2

Outlander Star Duncan Lacroix May Just Pop Up in Men In Kilts

All Good Things Must End: Outcasts Podcast Last Episode With Sam Heughan

I don’t know about you, but there have been some magical gems with this Covid-19 isolationism of the last 7 months. One of them was undoubtably Tim Downie and David Berry podcasting from two sides of the world to give you insight to the machinations and craziness that is the beloved production of Outlander. Sadly this Sunday was the last broadcast of the podcast.

Wether Tim and David will revive it for season 6, we don’t know as Governor Tryon (Tim) is no longer in the storyline as the Governor has moved on to New York. Now, knowing how this series is about characters resurfacing, there is that possibility as the American War of Independence kicks in in the next two, we hope its three, seasons and well, Jamie and Claire may just bump into him again…However, readers do know that Lord John Grey does continue to grace the storyline through a few more books, not to mention his own series of books.

That being said, the two final installments included Suzanne Smith, casting director for Outlander, gives an insight to casting on the series. Not to be missed! Susan Smith Casting

And the final episode is with Heughan himself.

Duncan Lacroix Interviews

Is it a real Magazine or a Fan Fancy. We’d Fancy a copy!

While I await my meet at Sasnak City virtual meeting with Duncan Lacroix in a few weeks, a few lucky people have been able to interview him recently. So jealous. There is also the the above magazine that could just be a fan’s whimsy, or is it real? We wish it were so. Can’t find a publisher, looks UK maybe? Feel like a bit of a sleuth?

Mystery Solved!

It’s a vanity piece by the photographer David Ho, at Headshots Scotland showing his prowess at great headshots for actors and models. Send him a line. He’s even done Nicola! Twitter @davidhophoto.

Duncan Lacroix talks Outlander Untold, Murtagh, Jocasta, and more

Outlander‘s Duncan Lacroix On Saying Goodbye To Murtagh

Duncan Lacroix Reflects on Murtagh’s Season 5 Journey – Den Of Geek

Q @ A With Actor Duncan Lacroix on STACK.COM Australia

What Happened to Graham McTavish and Paul Kavanagh’s TGOS Film?

As many of you were waiting for filming to start up on This Guest of Summer, Graham McTavish’s project with Paul Kavanagh, and many actors from both The Hobbit and Outlander series, delays in filming due to location changes were bumping production out into 2020. The this thing called the COVID pamdemic hit and filing all over the world shut down. Is this production many of the fans have been waiting for fated to sit on the shelf another year?

In the Fall of 2019, we were told that funding had been secured for production, and it was explained to many of us initial Indiagogo contributors that the monies we pledged were just for start up costs. Production had moved to the UK as filming was more cost effective. We thought we had something solid going again, alowing for productions ther actors were working on. Adding in production conflicts for all involved, was COVID 19 and McTavish’s commitment to Men In Kilts that killed TGOS filming? Or is it just shelved for another year? Inquiring minds want to know.

Recent searches for the now removed Facebook pages show it has been removed. Indeed, Graham’s own Facebook page hasn’t been updated since 2018 or so. IMDb shows the production is slated for a November 2021 release date and that it is still in pre-production. You can still see the Indieagogo page here.

Jacki Lippman, posted on the Indiagogo page in August to “Hang In There”.

So, here’s hoping that the production is just waiting for the industry to get going again, which may be some months. Recent large productions, such as Batman, have had to shut down because actors, in this case Robert Pattinson in the reboot, have caught COVID-19. It may be spring 2021 before any new filming can begin.

Incidentally, I contacted Lippman through the Indiagogo links and am waiting for a response. I made suggestions that videos with some of the actors lamenting the recent setback might be fun for us fans. Here’s hoping.

Graham McTavish on Radio New Zealand Podcast

Graham McTavish on TGOS Updates

Outlander End of Summer Series: Episode 3, The Music of Outlander

Bear McCreary, Maria Doyle Kennedy, and Raya Yarbrough

As we get closer to the end of the Droughtlander release of Blu-Ray and DVD next week, we have this Sunday’s episode of the Outlander End Of Summer Series. Hear about the music of Outlander from composer Bear McCready and talk with the singers behind some of the music. Soundtrack fans unite, puts you in the mood!

Sam Heughan and Graham McTavish Continuing Clanlands Production: Men In Kilts

Back in March, film production shut down all over the world with COVID-19 lockdowns. Sam and Graham’s new show Clanlands had finished the majority of the filming for the new Series on Starz®. Happy to report the Starz App has a preview placeholder for the series that showed up recently. And of course, Starz decided the show needed a name upgrade to Men in Kilts.

Outlander Star Duncan Lacroix May Just Pop Up in Men In Kilts

Sam and Graham have been posting on Instagram these last two weeks some great BTS shots. They were finally able to get together again and they are finishing up filming that was planned before the lockdown, and possibly filming for a second season? We’re waiting on the details for that. Lucky for us they spent the time in lockdown putting their book together for the series, that is being released in November this year. If you haven’t been to Scotland before, it’s sure to wet your appetite for travel to this fantastic country.

Check out the official Instagram Account Men In Kilts Starz®

ChecThe Clanlands book is for sale in different parts of the world on pre-order with and early November 2020 release. Check out some local online shops to see if they may carry it.

You can purchase online here:

UK Waterstones Amazon

US Indiebound Barnes & Noble

Australia Booktopia

New Zealand Mighty Ape Books

Canada Indigo Books

Duncan Lacroix is Munro Bagging Again!

Duncan Lacroix on Ben Lawers 6/9/20

Have You Started to Bag Yours? With lockdowns easing around some areas of the world, many people have been keeping up health with socially distanced and pod groups for hiking. While you should still bring your mask, you can still get in some healthy moves.

Duncan Lacroix started the Munro bagging last weekend with Ben Lomond, often used as the warm up to the season. Today he bagged two more, Beinn Ghlas and Ben Lawers. Hoping someone lucky got to meet up with him on the hikes. Check out his great shots on his Instagram site, the only media he’s on.

Hopefully he’s getting ready for some production or…secretly catching up with Heughan and McTavish while they finish up their filming of Clanlands.

Going to get to Scotland after quarantine? Check out this site and see if you can find some hillwalking groups to go with. Remember, don’t go hiking alone. Besides, it’s a great way to share.