Duncan Lacroix Interviews

Is it a real Magazine or a Fan Fancy. We’d Fancy a copy!

While I await my meet at Sasnak City virtual meeting with Duncan Lacroix in a few weeks, a few lucky people have been able to interview him recently. So jealous. There is also the the above magazine that could just be a fan’s whimsy, or is it real? We wish it were so. Can’t find a publisher, looks UK maybe? Feel like a bit of a sleuth?

Mystery Solved!

It’s a vanity piece by the photographer David Ho, at Headshots Scotland showing his prowess at great headshots for actors and models. Send him a line. He’s even done Nicola! Twitter @davidhophoto.

Duncan Lacroix talks Outlander Untold, Murtagh, Jocasta, and more

Outlander‘s Duncan Lacroix On Saying Goodbye To Murtagh

Duncan Lacroix Reflects on Murtagh’s Season 5 Journey – Den Of Geek

Q @ A With Actor Duncan Lacroix on STACK.COM Australia

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