All Good Things Must End: Outcasts Podcast Last Episode With Sam Heughan

I don’t know about you, but there have been some magical gems with this Covid-19 isolationism of the last 7 months. One of them was undoubtably Tim Downie and David Berry podcasting from two sides of the world to give you insight to the machinations and craziness that is the beloved production of Outlander. Sadly this Sunday was the last broadcast of the podcast.

Wether Tim and David will revive it for season 6, we don’t know as Governor Tryon (Tim) is no longer in the storyline as the Governor has moved on to New York. Now, knowing how this series is about characters resurfacing, there is that possibility as the American War of Independence kicks in in the next two, we hope its three, seasons and well, Jamie and Claire may just bump into him again…However, readers do know that Lord John Grey does continue to grace the storyline through a few more books, not to mention his own series of books.

That being said, the two final installments included Suzanne Smith, casting director for Outlander, gives an insight to casting on the series. Not to be missed! Susan Smith Casting

And the final episode is with Heughan himself.

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