Laura Donnelly Smashes and Bashes in Britannia


So what has our Jenny (Janet) Murray been up to, besides starring on Broadway in The Ferryman? And when will Jenny be back? Fans of the Frasers have missed Jenny, that spitfire sister that Jamie is so close to. In the books, he and Claire are writing very long letters appraising her of Young Ian, and life on The Ridge. She doesn’t make an appearance again for some time, however in the Outlander series universe, that could get changed up. Maybe the end of Season 6? But if you like Laura’s spikey style, here are some other productions she’s in.

You can catch her for a second season of Britannia as Hella, the bounty hunter. Known for her extremely blunt, get it done jobs. She’s recently asked for her weight in silver. Plucky. Check her out in Britannia, a rollicking and sometimes very silly graphic novel adaptation from Vertigo. Druids vs. The Roman Invasion. It’s also an interesting look into the tribes that forged modern Britain. You’ll see some other acting favorites, dressed in some very fun, not so practical attire. Created by Laura Donelly’s partner Jez Butterworth (The Ferryman) and brother Tom Butterworth.


Watch Britannia on Epix in the US, Amazon Prime, and Sky Atlantic, UK and Ireland

What else has Laura been up to lately?

She’s starring in the Jos Weddon series, The Nevers, coming out in 2021, as Amalia True. It’s a Sci Fi drama about a group of Victorian women, or should I say gang, that find out they have mysterious powers. Laura stars as Amalia True, a very damaged woman that really shouldn’t have been given abilities at all. And apparently can drink anyone under the table. Look for it on HBO in 2021. The project was started on Patreon and has resumed production in September. However, as the UK is going back into lockdown, this may delay the series more. Time travel is on the wind.



So, look for Laura Donelly in these productions while you are in the binging during Covid lifestyle.

Tolkein Film as Mabel Tolkein

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