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GOT Prequel House of The Dragon Secretly Casts Graham McTavish?

Graham McTavish from 2019 GalaxyCon

Rumour has it, well Grahan said it, that himself has been cast secretly in House of The Dragon, HBO’s prequel in the world of Fire and Ice. But do we believe him? He’s often cast in some great roles, however he also does like to joke and tease. And well, does he get to rub Sam Heughan’s nose in it a bit? Sam tried for GOT 7 times was it? Hmmm.

The actor recently revealed in a few interviews that he has been on set, however HBO has not officially announced. The show is just beginning production which means we will probably not see the series premiere until 2022. However, there is a stage production in the works and since Broadway is opening back up and travel soon opening, you can get your HOTD on.

House Of The Dragon

Game of Thrones Prequel Adds Four More Regulars

Paul Donnelly’s Boxing Club Fundraiser is In Your Corner

Screen Shot 2021-05-17 at 7.22.08 AM

It’s truly good to see Outlander actors and and previous cast getting together to promote good causes. Case in point, Paul Donnelly, who plays Ronnie Sinclair, and new Glasgow boxing club, BXNG Glasgow, had a fundraiser recently to promote a charity supporting kids and adults who have been bullied to take self defense and some acting classes. It provides scholarships to those in need. And a boost of confidence.

Duncan Lacroix and Paul Donnelly, proving real men wear pink!


Parent testimonial on Donnelly’s Instagram Account

To raise funds, a pair of signed boxing gloves, signed by @duncan.lacroix @samheughan, and @davidberry to name a few, were put in a raffle.

Good on you!


Outlander Official Droughtlander Podcast Launches

Maril Davis and Matthew B. Roberts Outlander Showrunner and Executive Producers, bring you the first official podcast of Droughtlander. The first episode answers questions on producing and how guests got into the business. Don’t miss the Carrot cameo! Weekly podcast at Starz YouTube channel. Tune in to help quench the thirst.

The Official Droughtlander Podcast: All Things Producing

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