Colin McFarlane Back for Outlander Season 6


Yes, there have been hints that Lord John Grey (David Berry) will be bringing Ulysses (Colin McFarlane) back to Season 6. As you remember, in Season 5, the series changed up Ulysses storyline and had him save Jocasta from death at the hands of her lawyer. Having committed a crime, Ulysses had to flee to Fraser’s Ridge and Jamie and Claire got him a place with Lord John Grey who took him out of the country. In the books, Ulysses has a different exit. However this new storyline keeps a beloved character available for future seasons and intrigue.

So what has McFarlane been up to during the COVID months? Just like many other actors, Colin has been working on voice roles and what looks to be more animated or game related characters. He has previously worked on Castlevania: Lords of Shadow, Batman: Arkham Night, as well as playing PC Malcolm Williams in the 12th series of children’s favorite Fireman Sam. Not to mention, Peppa Pig! And yes, there was that time on Doctor Who. Check out a full repertoire of characters voices here

Currently in production films: Jungle Cruise, Offering to the Storm.

Colin is represented by Michael Hallett at Emptage Hallet, where other Outlander cast members are repped, and for Voice at Calypso. And if you have a friend who is a big fan, you can get a personal video from Cameo.

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