Richard Rankin Update: Will Not Be Attending Sasnak City The Gathering


It was announced this week that sadly, Richard Rankin will not be attending The Gathering in Kansas City. The good news is, he got cast in a play and will be in production during the convention. We don’t know the play yet, but will get that out as soon as we can. That said:

Sasnak City Gathering November 18-21 2021 is also SOLD OUT! That’s no surprise as much of the Outlander Fandom is finding the prolonged Droughtlander to be rather frustrating. While many Cons did their best with online offerings, it’s still not quite the same as in person. That said, as of now there is indeed a waitlist situation. So contact them at their Facebook Page

Rankin’s Twitter Feed for new antics and photography Rankin is repped by

Need some more Rik Rankin? Check out this podcast

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