Graham McTavish is Filming in Cornwall, UK


Graham Mctavish has done it again. He has been cast in a production in Cornwall, UK and is keeping the production under wraps. Well, sort of. He did drop hints. 

All you Game of Thrones fans, the prequel House of The Dragon is filming in Cornwall. So there’s a distinct possibility Graham is rubbing it in Sam’s face a bit, and joining another alumni, Duncan Lacroix who had a small part in the original game of Thrones series. 

Being as filming is taking place in the beaches and dunes area, and that’s where Graham was wandering today, it’s probably the likelihood that this is the production.

In nearby Devon, The Witcher has been filming in recent months, however that has wrapped so we think and so was the Star Wars prequel, Andor. But that is said to have wrapped recently as well. 

If you are lucky to have gotten to the UK with Quarantine restrictions being lifted, swing by the Cornish Coast. I mean you really want to have a bit of a Poldark Tour, don’t you?

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