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It’s a Wrap on Season 7 of Outlander


As announced at the end of this week, Outlander Season 7 has wrapped. There may be a few small filmings, but there usually are. So now we have at least 6 months of wait for the last half to get processed. It’s been such a long filming season to make up for a short Season 6, we wonder if Sony/Starz will give it the split Season 1 treatment? What say you?

We know that many of you have started your Wrap Party already.

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‘Outlander’ Season 7 Wraps Filming

And a BTS on Willmington

Outlander Events Pages Updated for 2023

Check it out!

Here are the latest Outlander-themed events we could find. We do not receive promotional funding from any of these events. As a matter of fact, we don’t take promos from anyone. Just information.

Note: Actors may cancel at any event due to filming and family commitments.

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Guests: Duncan Lacroix, Sophie Skelton, Graham McTavish, Richard Rankin, David Berry, and more!

Outlander heads back to Paris? 5th edition of the Land Con! Get out your agendas: the convention will take place on April 29 and 30, 2023 in Paris.

Stay tuned here for announcements: Land Con 5

Ticketing announcements on September 21, 2022

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Novel Adventures Outlander 

Ultimate Outlander Fan Experience, Scotland UK May 24 to 26 2023

Guests: Graham McTavish, Gary, Steven Cree, Sophie Skelton, Duncan Lacroix, Ed Speleers, and more.

What does a curated experience mean? There are a lot of ways to meet and experience the actors. However, the experiences are grouped. Please see the site for details. Starting at $500.00 without a hotel. Meet all 16 cast members, meet them in the places they have filmed. Help support their favorite charities.

The Gathering at Fraser’s Ridge in NC, USA July 2023

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The Highlanders 6 has been booked for 2023, Starfury Conventions, UK

Guests: Steven Cree, Sophie Skelton, Duncan Lacroix, Mark Lewis Jones, Caitlin O’Ryan

August 4 to 6 2023 at the Hilton Metropole Hotel, Birmingham

 Tickets and Details Here

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Oct 12 to 14, 2023 Leatherwood Mountain Resort, Historic Ferguson, N.C.

Fraser’s Ridge Outlander North Carolina

Just a heads up, this is a camping and historic event, if you plan to travel in, chat with them.

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Sasanak City

November 2-5, 2023

Kansas City, MO USA

Tickets are on sale now.