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Droughtlander Podcast Ep 4 Featuring Bear McCreary

This week we are thankful to Matthew B. Roberts (Executive Producer) talking the fabulous Meister of the Soundtrack, Bear McCreary, into giving up his spare time and enthusiasm for scoring Outlander and many other fabulous moody and wild soundtracks. Here Bear talks about how soundtracks from films influenced him to become a musician and write music. Another great episode of the Droughtlander Podcast: Ep 4.

And this blast from the past: Nobody Likes Bagpipes

Want to hear more great music by Bear and keep up with great storytelling? Join Bear as he scores another trip to the stars and beyond. Check out his score for the beautiful and evocative Isaac Asimov’s Foundation, on Apple TV, and Star Wars: Tales From the Galaxy’s Edge, an immersive game by ILMxLAB.

Bear on Outlander’s Five Seasons

Bear on Foundation Score

Bear on Star Wars


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