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Season 5 Production Previews

Screen Shot 2019-05-05 at 2.16.43 PM

Teaser Gif with Sophie Skelton and Richard Rankin

If you have Starz® on cable or satellite, there’s promise of an Outlander Season 5 glimpse before Starz® debut of The Spanish Princess, May 5 at 8PM EST. Otherwise  known as Katherine of Aragon, the series tells the story of who became first wife to Henry VIII after she was married to his elder brother. You can watch the new series debut now on the Starz® App, and tonight on the cable channel. Before the show you will get a first glimpse at filming for Outlander Season 5. I have read several postings and many have seen this. However, apparently if you have it through Amazon Prime, you don’t get a peek.

We asked Starz® on Twitter if they would have a glimpse for those of us who App it, they assured us we would have access. Sorry to say, this techie wasn’t able to get Amazon Starz® App to display it, you may have to watch it through your computer. If you have the App and have a cable provider, you may be able to view it. Never fear, it will turn up on the YouTube site soon, if some fans don’t manage to broadcast it earlier. Here’s what showed up Monday on YouTube.

Costume Changes for The Show

We have viewed a few new costume changes for the show. Sam Heughan, who plays Jamie Fraser, shared a glimpse of new attire on his birthday, was a scant day or two away from book Jamie character’s birthday. Jamie Fraser would be 298 years old today. There have been hints that Jamie would travel to the future in Season 5 rumors, but book readers know the only way that happens is the mysterious ghost of the Highlander in the series pilot episode that Frank encounters watching Claire from the window. It also looks like all the wigs have changed for the main 5 characters as well.d5fvwo5uuaal3x2-1556733416

We’re getting our first taste of how seasons 5 and 6 flavors may go. For those of you watching from day one on the series, seasons 1 and 2 had many of the same production flavors, with 3 and 4 being dynamically different. Different writers, directors, crews changed. The writer’s room Toni Graphia and Matt Roberts started taking over podcasts and after show commentary, and the storylines, though expected to change, had very different looks and feels in the production designs. Coming to the Colonial America location would change things a bit. It looks like the new costume designer, Starz alumni Trisha Biggar, is revamping the looks of the show already. To look at her impressive CV, check this out. She has worked on two Star Wars films, and on television costumed for Emerald City and Da Vinci’s Demons II & III. She has credit for Season 5 Outlander already listed. We have been very fortunate with Terry Dresbach’s Twitter postings, and blog shares for the past 4 seasons. She has promised to try to keep up the account now for design concepts only. However, we don’t know if Biggar has a Twitter presence in mind for her tenure in season 5. With the few shots we have seen already, there are some stark costume changes. What can you do if you live in a colony that is heavily taxed on goods, including materials for dress, how realistic is it that characters can obtain new clothing.

Teaser Leaks and Rumors Abound

Duncan Lacroix and Caitriona Balfe are seen sporting darker brown wigs in the production teaser, no silver steaks for Claire. Rumors are flying that there are some flash back scenes being filmed. Or is it that they have to disguise Murtagh somehow as he is now even more wanted by Gov. Tryon? Lacroix’s Instagram had a great shot of Graham McTavish and him paling around near the Stevenson Memorial in Edinburgh today. Could there be some flashback scenes in season 5? Last season we had a Frank and Bree on that fateful night.Screen Shot 2019-05-05 at 3.30.48 PM

Outlander on YouTube

Matt Carter first take on Production Teaser #1

Look back on Outlander BTS Official Extras on Starz

Trisha Biggar CV and Agents

Graham McTavish Updates: Preacher and Lucifer

IMG_2819 2

McTavish fans, it’s time for another past cast update. Graham has Tweeted and Instagram wammed on his exploits these past few weeks. This weekend, he has been at SupernovaExpo Weekend Sci Fi and Comics Con in Australia. Graham just eats up the Con Circuit, and the fans adore him. Not able to be there, save up for next year, he is known to make repeats at the Cons.

Another great way to get through Droughtlander, keep up on past cast exploits!

Graham has been filming season 4 of Preacher in his recurring role of The Saint of Killers (SOK) in Australia and other undisclosed locations. Looking forward to another hot pursuit of Jesse, Tulip, and Cassidy. Although as we left off last season, SOK decided to switch sides, or create is own side really, because well, he killed Satan? (Or did he?) Still wondering how they get production going in Australia, as 90% of film crews are booked solid for Cameron’s films, which is one reason Graham’s This Guest of Summer got pushed back to November 2019 filming. Sounds more like a Hollywood Pull power play, and some of McTavish’s filming bumped it back a bit. It looks like it’s the final season for the Preacher series. You can catch up on storylines on Preacher Here. However, if Lucifer could get a fan reboot, maybe Preacher could too?

Graham is also publicizing his new role in the Netflix takeover and reboot of Lucifer, based on a comic character from a Neil Gaiman comic. It seems like Graham is just getting picked up for great graphic novel to screen series everywhere. This time though, he is playing a kindly priest, Father Kinley. Or is he? Seems that Graham is always getting cast as semi- or straight on baddies. We’ll see just how kind this priest really is.

The Lucifer reboot was fan driven, with campaigning for months to get the show to its IMG_2820 24th season. It will now now be produced by Netflix, and may be a much better fit. Many of us were wondering how the show got on the ultra conservative network Fox to begin with. The show is set to drop May 8, 2019 on Netflix. The season will be split with a 5 to 5 on 10 episodes.

Lucifer Reboot Radio Times

Update: Kavanaugh, McTavish, and Co.

Many of you joined me in following Duncan Lacroix’s recent visit to New Zealand. He wasn’t the only visitor to Graham McTavish’s doorstep. The screenwriter and one of the actors in the ensemble cast of Graham’s upcoming film and directorial debut, This Guest of Summer, Paul Kavanaugh, was visiting and doing some pre-production work with Graham. I recently had a response from one of the co-producers from the crowdfunding page, that yes, filming is still on for November 2019, postponed as all film crews in New Zealand and Australia seem to be booked solid for a really big couple of films. No names here, but there is one franchise that is sucking up all the resources from both countries, and you can find that out elsewhere.IMG_2629

A recent Tweet from Paul Kavanaugh kicked off the preproduction work. It promised to be a very quirky, mysterious, creep-filled film.

Graham has been busy with other projects while he eagerly waits to get filming on his passion project, and directorial debut. The crowd funding officially ended, however you can still contribute to the film I believe, contact them via Indiagogo.

Other actors joining the ensemble are Stephen Walters as Catcher, Lacroix as Flayal, Adam Brown (The Hobbit) as Miss Lady, Dean O’Gorman as Michael (The Hobbit), and Kavanagh is Chris. You can check out some of the other cast here. It’s a male character heavy production, with Miss Lady as the powerful balancer here. Can’t wait for this performance.

Visit Paul’s Twitter for some fun video feeds from Graham, Paul, and Duncan. More interviews to come. Paul Kavanaugh on Twitter.




Happy New Year From McTavish and Lacroix


Duncan Lacroix shared his Birthday Trip plans on Instagram this week, he was on trains, planes, and automobiles to visit his pal Graham McTavish at his home in New Zealand. There was a New Years Eve greeting hours before the rest of the world even woke.


Happy New Year from New Zealand, Grahams Video Post, for more fun visit his Instagram for New Years Day hiking fun.

JPEG image-3DB9C2B8A0C0-1

Duncan as the Super Antihero.

Duncan Lacroix Interview on Three If By Space

Nancy Hibberd, writer for Three if By Space, has managed to land a great interview with the illusive Duncan Lacroix on the blog She gets a bit in about Outlander, however the thrust of the interview is about the upcoming “This Guest of Summer” film project by Graham McTavish. Give the article a good read and keep an eye out for some interviews from Duncan as The Sisters Brothers gets wider distribution, and Outlander Season Four starts on November 4, 2018, followed by Netflicks’ Outlaw King. If you have been missing some Duncan humor, give this a read.

This Guest of Summer Interview With Duncan Lacroix


Lacroix, McTavish and Walters: Outlander Cast Members Updates

Graham McTavish Directorial Debut: This Guest of Summer

Lacroix, McTavish and Walters: Outlander Cast Members Updates

Touching base on some of our original Highlanders we enjoyed so much in the series 1 and 2, and keeping up with the amazingly talented actors that are blazing ahead on new projects. Warning, there may be some spoilers.

IMG_1409Duncan Lacroix will be seen in two films this fall, The Sister’s Brothers, a whacked out, off-beat Western in theatres later September 2018,  and The Outlaw King, a film on Scotland’s famed king Robert The Bruce on Netflicks in November. Only this time he will have dark characters to play. This is not a first for Lacroix, who takes on each role and plays it to the fullest. It was leaked out last winter by  observers at filming for season 4 of Outlander that Duncan was spotted much grayer and in quite the fabulous costume. Speculation has gone on for months. It’s sad that we are so in love with our characters that we have to spoil the surprise, but knowing Duncan, no matter what, there will be that surprise entrance and even a lack of lines does not mean he cannot put full Murtagh into looks and action that will ensue. But Lacroix is one who loves to swing a sword and an axe, and that often does entail being the bad guy. Being a really good bad guy that may have some human or redeeming moments can still make us root for them. They spice up our stories and drive them, if it was all good romance I would never watch it. And every actor longs to play in a Western, even if it’s a small part. So look for these two great flicks this fall.

Graham McTavish’s directorial debut in the upcoming film, This Guest of Summer, has reached it’s $200k goal and has a few days left to get some more fundraising in. I have enjoyed the great perks with my favorite so far being Duncan and


Graham talking about a Sam Heughan audition, and a possible toupee? Check out the page on the film that will be going into production over the next few months. Even if the initial fundraising may finish soon, bookmark the page and see what perks you can pick up over the next months. Hint: There’s a really cool cast member for the series Preacher that Graham plays such a great lovable villain in the Saint of All Killers (SOK).

McTavish has been hitting up several Comic Cons this season, enthralling fans from all his cross genre exploits.

And joining the cast is Duncan Lacroix and Stephen Walters, along with some former Hobbit actors. It looks very creepy weird, just the way we like it.

This Guest of Summer at

The Outlaw King on Netflicks

Stephen Walters is working on an indie project of his own, Humpty Dumpty, with fellow Outlander alumni Andrew Gower. Humpty Dumpty is a documentary that ran it’s fundraising on Kickstarter and is about the Merseybeat Music scene, focusing on Tommy Quickly. Production is starting to kick in with film crew being hired. If you are a fan or just curious about the rest of the bands in the famous Mersey Scene, you’ll want to  catch this when it’s released.

Don’t forget, you can catch Stephen on Season 4 of Shetland now available on Britbox in the US.

Graham McTavish Directorial Debut: This Guest of Summer


After months of hinting at directing, it’s been officially announced. “This Guest of Summer” a promising dark, creepy comedy, oh and some horror, will have several familiar faces in it. It is from Paul Kavanagh’s work. It looks like Stephen Walters and Duncan Lacroix will be joining the cast, as well as some actors from the Hobbit films that worked with Graham, Adam Brown and Dean O’Gorman. It promises to be a fun dark quirky affair. And a bit of cross dressing?

If you want to support Graham and see some great fun acting, check out the campaign at indiegogo.

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