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David Berry, Transformed

In episode 406 Blood of My Blood, Lord John Grey comes down with the Measles, that which we are lucky enough to have inoculations against today, was a much more dangerous thing in the 18 century. It could often kill whole families, often taking children and devastated native populations.


Visit the behind the scenes at Starz® Outlander Page to see David Berry’s transformation and check out young Williams wardrobe design.


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Murtagh Returns Dressed For Success

In Episode 405 Savages, we see the return of fan favorite Murtagh Fitzgibbons Fraser. When we last saw him, he was leaving Ardsmuir Prison in rags. Resurfacing and established as a blacksmith in Willem Creek, Murtagh sports a very Colonial wardrobe. Read about the designs and concepts for showing Murtagh’s new life in the New World with Co-Designer Nina Ayers. And watch an interview with Duncan Lacroix on how Murtagh’s life has changed.

And for more on the seasons costume, read this article with Terry Dresbach on designing the Native American Costumes.



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