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Outlander Casting Season 6: Meet The Christies


Jessica Reynolds, Mark Lewis Jones , and Alexander Vlahos

Well, it has indeed been too long since the demise of Geillis Duncan and Laoghaire MacKenzie is an ocean away. Therefore, there must be a new besom one to plague Claire (Caitriona Balfe) and Jamie Fraser (Sam Heughan). She comes in the dark, pretty package named Malva Christie (Jessica Reynolds). Has Claire met her match this time?

The Christies come to settle on the Ridge, however Tom Christie (Mark Lewis Jones, Chernobyl, The Last Jedi) butts heads with Jamie. There had been some issues at Ardsmuir prison after the Jacobite uprising and Culloden. In the prison, there had been Presbyterian men and Catholics, with religion coming between the prisoners. Jamie sought to unite the men so there would not be strife. Malva and her brother Allan (Alexander Vlahos), who is actually her cousin, come to live on the Fraser’s Ridge with their father.

Stay tuned as we see what book storylines may be melded with the 7th book in the Diana Gabaldon series, An Echo in the Bone.

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Outlander Season 6 Cast

Danger for Claire Fraser

Roles Get Deeper in Season 6, and a New Villain

Starz® Announces Season 7 for Outlander


Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe

March 14, 2021

Starz® has officially announced that season 7 of Outlander is a go! Filming for the long delayed season 6 began this past month in Cumbernald, Scotland. Covid-19 restrictions delayed the season 6 filming based on Diana Gabaldon’s book, A Breath of Snow and Ashes

Season 7 will encompass the 7th book in the series, An Echo in the Bone. Matt B. Roberts will return as showrunner, with Sam Heughn, Caitriona Balfe, Sophie Skelton, and Richard Rankin all on board. Sony Pictures has picked it up as a 12 episode season. But don’t look for it to air before 2023. Season 6 will be possibly airing in early 2022.

Will the television series stay the course and cover all of Diana Gabaldon’s books? Diana is finishing up the latest book, Go Tell The Bees That I am Gone, the 9th book in the popular series, possibly early next year and may be timed for release when season 6 comes out.

Ron D. Moore, Maril Davis (Tall Ships), Toni Graphia, Jim Kohlberg and Andy Harries will be Executive Producing for season 7. It is not clear yet that Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe will produce again.

Screen Shot 2021-03-14 at 12.20.54 PM

Oliver Finnegan as Lord William Ransome

And could we see William Ransome in season 6? Since Stephen Bonnet’s demise was brought in early and in the books, that is where Brianna meets her half brother for the first time, since it the writers are now condensing some story lines, we may get to see young William surface in the season. Outlander has been keeping casting close to the bone this season.

An Echo in the Bone continues with Jamie and Claire Fraser deeply embroiled in the American Revolution. Jamie’s illegitimate son, William Ransome, is an officer in the King’s army with Lord John Grey searching for him. The book has some great plot twists I will not reveal, and as always, the Outlander writers room will possibly combine scenes from the following book, Written in My Own Heart’s Blood, to speed up the story line.

Even though the American Revolution actually spanned 7 plus years. Remember, just because independence was declared, it was fought for for many years. However, television series on this scale can rarely go through 10 seasons. There have been hints that the Outlander series will receive the same treatment as Game of Thrones, shortened to 8 seasons and writers taking the helm completely as Diana Gabaldon is just beginning the final book in the series. If you have been a fan, you know she takes a good 5 years average to finish each book, often times longer.

However, rejoice in knowing you will have at least 2 more seasons, and a possible spin off series to come. 


César Domboy, John Bell, and Kyle Rees

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Diana Gabaldon’s Go Tell The Bees I am Gone will be Finished Soon

Outlander’s Renewed At Starz For Season 7 Ahead Of Season 6 Premiere

Outlander renewed for season 7! Caitriona Balfe, Sam Heughan returning

Women’s Roles Get Deeper in Season 6, and a New Villain

clair and jaimie microscope

It’s so hard not to speculate on the Outlander Series. If you have read the  books, you don’t want spoilers (Hint:Read No Further if you are reading book series for first time) but are bursting to think about and discuss something with someone else. As the Frasers settle The Ridge with more people, many of them from Jaimie’s Ardsmuir Prison days this season. We will be seeing a cavalcade of new characters and experiences. Well, we haven’t had a good female villain since Geilis Duncan met her demise at the hand of Claire (Caitriona Balfe)in Season 3, (and we were so happy is was a dull blade!). Dare I even mention the next fiendish female? 

We had the pleasant surprise of having Marsali take on the role of medical apprentice to Claire in Season 5. Many of us book readers wondered how that would work out for our next upcoming villainess. As we know the writers for the series like to switch things up, we were wondering how the medical role of our new villain got placed on Marsali. I for one think that it was a great change as it gave Marsali a chance to really shine and not just be the woman having 2 babies a season character. However, things are about to change up dramatically for the Frasers. 

New Families Arrive on The Ridge

Okay, here it comes, you’ve been forewarned. Malva Christie and the Christie family. Phew, let out that air held in. Yes, Malva is going to stir up some serious trouble on the ridge. The kind that many a woman will cringe at, and want to wring this character’s neck. You actually have been missing having Laoghaire MacKenzie (Nell Hudson) around, haven’t you? We won’t go there. They can’t possibly leave this character out, can they?

The Christies are a family of protestant settlers who come to The Ridge as a result of Jamie’s (Sam Heughan) continued settlement contract. Jamie and Tom Christie, the patriarch of clan Christie, have an odd “relationship” from Ardsmuir prison. We’ll see more of the religious conflict side of things this season, as you have Presbyterians and the Catholic Clan Fraser. Not to mention the Browns. Jamie will need to unite The Ridge again and borrow on his past experiences of uniting the Ardsmuir men after the Battle of Culloden with Masonic rites. I don’t know about you, but I am hoping for some flash backs to the prison and some Murtagh wisdom.


Malva Christie is the niece of Thomas Christie, raised as his daughter. In the book series, it is Malva who becomes Claire’s medical apprentice.  Malva is also very beautiful and causes trouble up and down the Ridge as her many callers must be kept from her uncle. The Fraser family comes to trust Malva, but it comes at a dangerous price. Think Geneva Dunsany bad, mixed in with some Geillis and Laoghaire MacKenzie. Yup.

Claire teaches Malva to become an assistant healer, and she becomes quite fascinated with Claire’s experimentation with ether. Yes, here Claire goes changing history again, we can imagine how this might cause more “witchcraft” accusations. During a dysentery illness that hits The Ridge, Claire suspects she’s been poisoned, and during her delirium sees Malva for what she really is. She is hoping to remove Claire as an obstacle to having  Jamie. Claire recovers and later gets blamed when Malva is found murdered in her garden. 

The Lighter Side

We also have a very interesting story arc with Lizzy (Caitlin O’Ryan) coming up in season 6, we hope. As you know, the series does change things up a bit. After two seasons of seeing her moon after Ian and other men on The Ridge, we got a hint of things to come from the Outlander stories in the season 5 DVD set. But if you expect this one to be an easy one, nothing with Lizzy involved is ever easy. We’ll leave it at unconventional.

And about that fire? Fans of The Big House know what’s afoot. But there is a whole lot of intrigue and that bothersome Brown family to contend with as well. Oh, and that background problem, the start of the American Revolutionary War. Stay tuned, it will be a year out there, and we’ll let you know of locations if and when they leak out. 

Filming starts in a few weeks. 


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Outlander Season Six Updates: Release Date Late Fall 2021

Outlander Season 5 2020

It’s official, the longest Droughtlander yet! As official as COVID allows in film production, announced this week that Outlander Season Six is to start up production in January 2021. That is, if we do not have another world surge of virus. Crossing fingers, here we go.

What that means is that we are looking at a late fall 2021 airing date at the earliest. Well, it’s a conservative guess at this point. Why so long?

Outlander has a huge cast, the background actors alone take a lot of consideration. Casting for these usually occurs very close to production filming. The production is working with a new set designer, which means everyone will have to get used to how that build is going to go. While scripts have been near completion for months, casting for the upcoming guest cast this season has been put on hold or not announced due to the on hold status of production. And filming in winter means freezing cold Scotland, even on sound stages that are somewhat insulated with lighting and builds. However, the outside will be formidable. This means that even the filming blocks may be jumbled and not in order to take advantage of the weather.

So, what will you be doing to bide your time until this time, next fall?

Re-Read all of the books published so far in the Outlander Series, for the 5th time.

Read all of the Lord John Grey books.

Watch seasons 1-5 for the 1000th time.

Pull out all those official and unofficial Outlander sewing patterns and sew them up for cosplay. Then create background character costumes. Film your own Outlander side story.

Chase down production news. Warning: This last year they kept many of the filming sites under wraps for along time. Good luck. If you have friends that live in the UK, convince them to check locations for you once COVID restrictions are lifted a second time.

Go in debt attending Virtual Convention Series chatting with your favorite actors on the series. Well, you are helping to keep them busy and fed while everyone waits for production to start up.

Questions, Questions and Spoilers Here

As Outlander is straying further from the books at times, and events in each of the books are used as a framework at best. Here are some questions I have had.


Marsali, Medical Apprentice

In the books, Marsali is not the medical assistant. Claire doesn’t take on an apprentice until the character of Malva Christie appears in the next two books. That being said, Caitriona Balfe has hinted at Claire’s great sickness coming this season. Not to add a spoiler, however if Marsali is the apprentice, then there would not be a Malva issue? We just won’t go there. Perhaps after Henri-Christian arrives, she will decide to stop anything that will make God angry with her.

Roger and Brianna Callings

Our well educated couple has ended up back on the Ridge. In the books, Roger starts hearing the call of religion, becoming a religious man. While this is often aligned in education, teaching in this time period, how will the show bring this in. In the books religion starts making a very big difference, as in the time period, the sciences may have started to come in, but New Englanders were a suspicious lot. While Jamie has tried to hide that he is a papist and the land grant called for the settlers to be protestant, conflicts arose on the Ridge. While not one of my favorite aspects of story line in the series, I am wondering how series Roger is going to handle this and what the writers have in store.

Brianna on the other hand, becomes the Ridge’s Leonardo Da Vinci in a way. Look out for some sciency things creeping in.


Don’t Get Attached to The Big House

Yes, the portents of doom in an article reporting the deaths of James and Claire Fraser by fire should be the hint. The house is amazing and beautiful and we love every detail. It’s Jon Gary Steel’s last season. They worked so hard on it. Outlander has fire bugs, and not just the flashing bugs in the books.

Lord John Grey is Back to England

With Ulysses as companion, David Berry has made statements that he has left the show. However, that could be a subterfuge or really, he hasn’t been written back in yet. Young William Ransome, Jamies son, comes back to New England to participate in his first campaigns of The War of Independence. Of course John Grey comes back to try to find him. Now, if we get seasons 7 and 8, we should be getting into the meat of The American War of Independence. And yes, it’s longer and bigger that that wee battle of Alamance. So this could drag out for two more seasons. In which case Lord John Grey will turn back up.

Oh, and this changes up another storyline of Ulysses and Jocasta in the books. For now, they are parted. Book readers know the one.


So, now that Jamie has lost Murtagh, he will be dealing with Richard Brown wanting revenge, and a desire to see his son. After he delivered the body of his brother at the end of season 5, he was told that Richard will do what he needs to do. That said, Jamie has an enemy in the guise of a man who will use the law to get revenge on Fraser’s Ridge. In the background of this, Jamie has told Brianna that she has a brother. Some foreshadowing of young William coming back, and the delicate dance of making sure he never finds out that Jamie is his father.

There are so many questions. What are some of yours?

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Fansided Season 6 Article

Fans Crushed at Season Six Delay


OUTLANDER Cast Panel Full at Wizard World Virtual


So,in case you didn’t get to hang out with us a few weeks back, here’s Colin, Duncan(occasionally, tech issues), Ed, John, Tim, and Richard. Fun had by all.

Kudos to Duncan for not correcting the host ;-).

Never My Love, Outlander Season 5 Finale


Caitriona Balfe ©2020 Starz®

Warning. The season finale of Outlander Season 5 doesn’t hold back. As with past episodes dealing with extreme violence, you have been warned. You may want to have someone there to hold your hand. Yes, there will be some spoilers.


Caitriona Balfe ©2020 Starz®

Claire Beauchamp Randall Fraser (Caitriona Balfe) has had a great deal of tragedy in her life. She was orphaned at 5, lived with her Uncle Lamb, explored the world, married first husband Frank, then war broke out. Seeing death and destruction as a WWII combat nurse, Claire has been banged around for years in two centuries. She has had to sacrifice herself, as in having sex with the King of France to secure Jamie Fraser’s release from prison, has been tortured by Black Jack Randall, forced to endure leaving Jamie behind to be raped. Her daughter followed her into the past and was raped. It’s inevitable that Claire would go through her own tragedy. Nearly losing Jamie to snakebite wasn’t enough. Leave it to the mind of author Diana Gabaldon and the writers of Outlander, in this particular episode Mathew B. Roberts and Toni Graphia, to hit us with one intense script and visceral imagery.


Caitriona Balfe ©2020 Starz®

Claire’s abduction and Marsali’s (Lauren Lyle) beating at the end of “Journeycake” left us on edge for the finale, and some wondering if the abduction would carry on into season 6. But with great storytelling and a dream state sequence that invokes David Lynch in Blue Velvet or Twin Peaks, we open with Claire in the 1960s in an amazing modern house putting the record on the turntable with the song “Never My Love” from 1967. She is young again, in a very 1960’s very red dress. The door opens and in comes a younger Jamie Fraser (Sam Heughan) short curls and killed. The table is set for Thanksgiving and guests to arrive from the 18th-century. It becomes clear that she is trying to escape her terrible ordeal as we cut to the dark reality, filmed in dark and muted tones, the story of her abduction and torture by Lionel Brown and associates. This contrasts with the bright, autumnal tones in the dissociative sequences with golds, yellows, oranges, blues in that dark color echoed in seasons 1-5 in sets and costumes. Claire escapes to a world where her friends and extended family are, and she barely speaks and watches everything is going on around her.


Ned Dennehy ©2020 Starz®

Pure Hate

Claire has met with some formidable foes in the series, but one that truly echos that fiendish manipulation of Father Bain (Tim McInnerny). Remember him from season 1 and the witch trial? Who she outwitted with solving the mystery of poisonous plants killing children, only to be used by the good Father in her witch trial, where he admits to his advantage that she had saved the children, but uses it to bolster his position in town. Worse than that and rolled in with qualities of just pure savagery, is Lionel Brown (Ned Dennehy). Lionel gets even. With villains like Black Jack Randall and Stephen Bonnet in her past, who were both manipulative in their way, they do not compare with the outright crushing of women’s rights that Lionel Brown shows us. He makes it personal. Claire dared to stand up to him about the abuse of his wife, and to top it off, has been writing under the name of Doctor Rawlings suggesting that women abstain from sex to prevent childbirth. Lionel makes his crushing of Claire a personal delight.


Sam Heughan, John Bell, and Caitriona Balfe ©2020 Starz®

After Claire’s abduction and travels are told in sequencing with the arrivals of Ian dressed in 1960’s military attire, Marsali, Fergus and children, Murtagh, and Jocasta turning up for Thanksgiving dinner. The reality is that Lionel confronts her, who informs her in his righteous declarations that he was put on the earth to make Claire pay for the shame she has caused on all men of their women reading her Dr. Rawlings Recommends writings. One way to stop her is to intimidate and silence her. And that won’t happen with just killing her.


Maria Doyle Kennedy and Ducan Lacroix ©2020 Starz®

Claire is always quick thinking, and one of the abductors, a reluctant former slave Tibby, shows caution. He has heard she is a conjure woman. Claire seizes the opportunity and begins cursing them all to hell. The men start to have a fear of her. Hodgepile shoves her around roughly and they make camp. Claire continues to go in and out of dream states, and we see her tied to a tree, bloodied, and a big gash on her breast. Wendigo Donner comes to check on her, seeks that she is choking on her gag. He demands to know where she has come from, and when.


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The next day, Tibby is put in charge of her while they make to cross a creek. She tries to talk Tibby into helping her escape, talking about the water horses taking her away and she won’t harm him. He is close to consenting but Lionel gets wind of something and confronts them. He has plans for dealing with her.

In her dreamscape, Murtagh and Jocasta turn up, they all sit at the dinner table.


Lauren Lyle, Caitriona Balfe, John Bell, Duncan Lacroix, Marias Doyle Kennedy, and Sam Heughan ©2020 Starz®

Claire keeps cursing at the men as they try to tie her up again and make camp. While Hodgepile and the other rough her up, she shouts out an infamous, ” Jesus H Roosevelt Christ!” Wendigo then knows she is like him as he suspected. Lionel and Chisholm tie her to a tree. While lying there she sees a small rabbit. She is choking on her dried, bloody nose, while gagged. Wendigo comes at night and loosens the gag.

“Does the name Ringo Starr mean anything to you?”. Claire is stunned, she realises he is a traveler like her. “He’s a drummer.” Wendigo tells her he knew that Dr, Rawlings had to be like him, someone from his time would know the medical things written down, not a local doctor in the 18th-century. He never thought he would meet another. He advises her that she should have behaved more like the women of this time, not been so forward. She has angered many men, made them feel threatened.

Wendigo tells her his story. He traveled back in time with a group of 4 other men and said it was evident it was too late for the Indians. Claire realizes he was a companion of Ottertooth and asks him. “Where is Bob?” he asks. She tells him the Mohawk killed him. “I need gemstones!” She asks him to help her get back to Fraser Ridge, she has stones and knows where the stone circle is. Wendigo says no, Lionel will kill him. It has become very evident by now that Lionel is one of the ones that has been going causing the crimes that the Committee of Safety claimed to be protecting people from. They are interrupted by Lionel, who has brought a young boy to rape her, to have his first go at dominating a woman.


 ©2020 Starz®

Claire returns to her alternate dissociation and police officers arrive at the Thanksgiving dinner that everyone is at and have been waiting for Bree, Roger, and Jemmy. All the time everyone had been saying it must be the traffic keeping them. The police inform her that Mr. and Mrs. MacKenzie and their son were all killed in a car accident. Claire has been fearing what befell them. This is all going while a series of men take Claire.

Back To The…

Stones. Roger, Brianna wake near the stones, and young Jemmy is very excited…to find cousin Ian sitting on a mossy boulder asking where they went. The trip failed. Brianna and Roger realize they had been thinking of home, and that the Ridge had become their home. They go back with Ian to the Ridge, and just as they are planning to camp for the night, Brianna sees the Fiery Cross burning on Fraser’s Ridge at a distance. They rush home to find the men of the Ridge preparing to go after Claire.


Sam Heughan ©2020 Starz®

Josiah and Roger pledge to find Claire and seek justice for Claire. Roger begs to come along with Jamie if he will allow it? Jamie is glad to have him and the men set out.


John Bell ©2020 Starz®

Claire slowly comes out of her fog and the reality becomes a dream sequence. Men shouting, musket fire, battle scenes in the camp. Jamie finds Claire tied to the tree, and he indicates that he knows what has happened to her.


Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan ©2020 Starz®

“You are alive, you are whole Mo Nighan Donn.”

The men come to tell them they have killed all but one of the party. Ronnie Sinclaire asks if Claire would wish to take her vengeance.

“It is myself who kills for her,” says Jamie, with Ian and Fergus echoing, “And I!”. Jamie asks how many raped her, she says nothing. “Jamie gives the command to kill them all. The men of the ridge decimate the abductors, killing all but Lionel Brown. Claire listens in shock. Jamie takes her to view them all, to show her they cannot hurt her. Wendigo is nowhere to be found. Roger asks if they should question him now. They take the injured Lionel with them back to the Ridge.


©2020 Starz®

Claire finally speaks and asks about Marsali. Jamie and Fergus tell her that Marsali is okay, the baby is fine and she is still pregnant. She asks about Wendigo, tells them that he was from the future like her. No one has seen him. How is it that Roger is there? Whats happened, why are they back? Roger remarks that there’s no place like home.


Lauren Lyle, Sophie Skelton, and Caitriona Balfe ©2020 Starz®

While the series has received a lot of criticizing and praise in how it deals with abuse (Jamie’s Rape in season 1, Brianna’s in season 4), this time it is very real for Claire as the one who had to heal both Jamie and Brianna. This time, it will need to be Claire that needs healing. The fact of the matter was that in these times, women were not in power, and often subjected to terror in any way to keep them from having control by men.

Physician, Heal Thyself

Brianna races out to greet them as they come back to the Ridge and it is a long healing process for Claire. Marsali comes out, with a blackened eye healing. She and Claire embrace with Brianna. Brianna takes care of Claire, bathing her, comforting her. Marsali is left to deal with Lionel Brown. Brianna (Sophie Skelton) tells her that she will take care of her, she is there to listen to her.


Caitriona Balfe ©2020 Starz®

Claire keeps her resolve to heal herself, somehow. She keeps examining herself, feeling her bones to see if it’s really her. Her face and body are battered. Jamie comes in. She tells him she will survive this. She declared that she has been through so much war in her own time and other trials, she will not be shattered by this.

Everyone on the Ridge wants to kill Lionel. Jamie tells her that Lionel is still alive. He is only kept alive to get information out of him, and because Claire has her oath to do no harm. He asks her if her oath is so strong?

Roger (Richard Rankin) is shaken by what has happened in rescuing Claire. He did what he promised he would do, defended and avenged Claire. However, Roger’s life was also changed that night. Brianna and Roger are getting ready for bed, and Roger is deeply troubled and asks Brianna if Jamie told her about what had happened. He begs to confess what has happened and asks her to blow out the candle. In the dark, he declares that he has killed someone. Roger was the last hold out, the educated man who struggled with being violent, even in defense of those he loved. Coming from an era of law and the idea of a fair trial, it hasn’t been easy for Roger to cross that line. Now he has.

Hell Hath No Resolve Like a Marsali

Claire finally goes down to the surgery and starts trying to check on Lionel, with Lionel begging for mercy, to loosen his bonds. Lionel tries to manipulate Claire into not harming him. He keeps begging and Marsali tells him to keep quiet.  Claire instructs her to make the comfrey tea. Lionel will not stop, Marsali tells him to be quiet. Claire unrolls her surgical kit, picking up a scalpel. She considers it for a moment. She puts it down, then states she will do him no harm. She leaves the surgery then collapses upstairs in the hallway weeping.


Lauren Lyle and Ned Dennehy ©2020 Starz®

Lionel is emboldened and snide. Because Claire has said she will do no harm to him, he thinks he’s been saved. He is abusive and bragging about how he has to be treated well, Marsali keeps telling him to mind his manners. He is bossy still. If he is not treated well, his brother will come along with his men. He will slaughter them all in their sleep. Marsali is getting the new syringe filled with something and we are all cheering her on. Oh, Marsali, you go, girl, you tell him.

Marsali, in a deep, matter of fact and a righteous voice says, “She took an oath to do no harm. But I have taken no such oath. You hurt my family, my man, I’ll burn in hell before I let you harm another soul in this house,” and injects Lionel with the liquid, that as we all hoped and suspected, was the Water Hemlock root. Good riddance.

Afterward, she is sitting on the floor, shaking and Jamie comes in and sees Lionel is dead. She asks if she will be haunted by him. Jamie assures her that no harm will come to her. He then wraps the body in a shroud and takes it to Brownsville, alone, and delivers it to Richard Brown, throwing it to the floor. He explained that a group of men including his brother attacked the Ridge and abducted and harmed his wife. He killed all of them. He is indicating that he is to blame, no other.

Richard thanks him for giving him back his brother, he reaped what he sewed. He understands that Jamie must do what he must to protect his family….as he will do when the time comes. The Frasers and Browns feud begins.


Sam Heughan ©2020 Starz®

When Will We See Season 6?

We have now officially entered Droughtlander 6, yes that’s counting the first one between the two-part first season. Pre-production has halted due to the pandemic, where work on episode 601 had started. And we will face a good 10 months of filming at the very least. So it will probably be Summer or Fall 2021 before we have season 6, which will be based on A Breath of Snow and Ashes, with possibly the 7th book, An Echo in the Bone being adapted in.

How Many Easter Eggs Did You Spot?

A Dragonfly Sculpture – Dragonfly in Amber, Season 2, and symbolic of Claire’s being trapped.

The Red Dress – In season 2 Paris Claire comes up with an extravagant and very revealing red dress for the Versailles court.

An orange – Reference to the orange picks up after having slept with the king to get Jamie out of the Bastille after his duel with BJR

Rabbit – Jamie sees a rabbit on the battlefield of Culloden in season 3 after the battle and he lies wounded before Claire shows up in a vision.

Claire wrapped in Fraser tartan – Season 1 Jamie comforting Claire after several bad things, well most of them.

Claire and Jamie Talking after the rescue, more reminders of season 1 with Claire stabbing soldier in shock.

Car Accident – Frank Randall dies in a car accident in Boston, freeing Claire up to search for Jamie.

Blue Vase – A blue vase finally in a home for Claire, from the series pilot.