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Duncan Lacroix Cancels Sasnak City Appearance

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Duncan Lacroix has had to cancel out of his appearance at the SasnakCity Con on late October due to filming commitments. He apologized on his Instagram account today. We were wondering how he was going to be at both the New York City Comic Con earlier in the month and the Kansas City con later in the month.

Lacroix is due to begin work on This Guest of Summer with Graham McTavish and Stephan Walters in October, which has moved production to the UK as costs and crew issues were making New Zealand unfavorable. We are also hoping that he is finishing up Outlander somehow in that timeframe as the Regulators have a big role in the end of the season, not that filming actually always happens in sequence for any series. In some cases interiors and exteriors are shot on same dates, different actors and locals during the same block or during another.

There has been much lamenting on social media today. The good thing is, you will have two productions to see him in in 2020, unless he’s snuck in a third. Even better.

Keep an eye out for production tidbits here and you can still help contribute to the film

This Guest of Summer Facebook Page

Indiagogo Campaign

Update: Kavanaugh, McTavish, and Co.

PSSTTT BLOCK 4 just finished shooting September 1. That’s roughly 2 episodes per block.

Update: Kavanaugh, McTavish, and Co.

Many of you joined me in following Duncan Lacroix’s recent visit to New Zealand. He wasn’t the only visitor to Graham McTavish’s doorstep. The screenwriter and one of the actors in the ensemble cast of Graham’s upcoming film and directorial debut, This Guest of Summer, Paul Kavanaugh, was visiting and doing some pre-production work with Graham. I recently had a response from one of the co-producers from the crowdfunding page, that yes, filming is still on for November 2019, postponed as all film crews in New Zealand and Australia seem to be booked solid for a really big couple of films. No names here, but there is one franchise that is sucking up all the resources from both countries, and you can find that out elsewhere.IMG_2629

A recent Tweet from Paul Kavanaugh kicked off the preproduction work. It promised to be a very quirky, mysterious, creep-filled film.

Graham has been busy with other projects while he eagerly waits to get filming on his passion project, and directorial debut. The crowd funding officially ended, however you can still contribute to the film I believe, contact them via Indiagogo.

Other actors joining the ensemble are Stephen Walters as Catcher, Lacroix as Flayal, Adam Brown (The Hobbit) as Miss Lady, Dean O’Gorman as Michael (The Hobbit), and Kavanagh is Chris. You can check out some of the other cast here. It’s a male character heavy production, with Miss Lady as the powerful balancer here. Can’t wait for this performance.

Visit Paul’s Twitter for some fun video feeds from Graham, Paul, and Duncan. More interviews to come. Paul Kavanaugh on Twitter.