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Updated 12 July, 2019

Outlander is filming on average 8-11 months out of the year, somewhere in Scotland and in a few other countries depending on season. While wrapping up one season, another is already in writing and design process. If you have made it to the season 4 locations, give us some feedback. I have compiled a travel itinerary table with references to transport and access information. Witnessed filming for season 5, tell us where. This is a work in progress as I get feedback from this years travelers as to access to sites and how they were able to complete with public versus car hire access. I have structured this to give you an idea where each main city hub is so you can venture forth from there.

Currently filming and set builds are underway for Season 5.

Outlander Season 5 Locations Spotted

July 2019

6/13/19 Paisley, Scotland bordering Glasgow. Sunday July 13 2019, 5am. The area filming is to be High Street/Wellmeadow Street area, between Stories Street to Walker Street. So if you are lucky to be visiting Scotland and the Glasgow area, you may get to see some filming.

May 2019

6/5/19 Night Shoots with Duncan Lacroix and the Regulators

Night shoot spotted on May 6, 2019 by @stewart9395 and Outlandish Journeys at Mine Woods, Bridge of Allan, a small town near Stirling, Scotland, off the river Forth.

April 2019

Gleneagles Equestrian Centre – Horse Training Centre used to train actors for riding

Possibilities in the next weeks: Preston Mill, Coatbridge, and Callander

Hints they are returning here Calderglen Country Park

Reports that night shooting has been going on 23/4/19

Outlander Tours Info Pages Coming Soon

Any Outlander tours you have been on, got a review? Let me know, I would love to share with readers. My List of venues and sites are here, and I am updating as I get information from travelers. Contact me if you have any insight to share, especially on public transit.

List of Outlander Locations by Season

Have you been to some of the locals this year and wish to share your input for fellow travelers? Contact me via the contact page.

Season 4 Locations:

There are no tours at the main studios for Outlander. Main filming stages are still in Cumbernauld at:

Wardpark Film and Television Studios

Cumbernauld G68 0BA info@wardparkstudios.co.uk


Some Main Locations Season 4

Abercairny Estates

Abercorn Church

Beecraigs Country Park

Calderglen Country Park

Cumbernauld Glen

Dunblane Cathedral

Gray Buchanan Park, Polmont

Newhailes House

St Andrew’s in the Square  Theatre Scene 408

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