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Planning on a trip to Scotland? The following are individuals and companies that provide tours that cover many of the Outlander filming locations. Smaller van services are usually the best for intimacy and local knowledge. However, please check availability as these can be booked up months in advance.

If you are self guided, check out our catalog document of Outlander Locations. If you find more for Season 5, let us know. They kept a lot of it under wraps.

Outlander Locations in Scotland

Smaller, More Intimate Companies

Àdhamh Ó Broin, Scottish Gaelic consultant who has worked with Outlander productions since season 5, gives tours of the highlands with native Gaelic interpretation. He books up fast. http://www.scottishgaelic.scot/tour.html

Andrew McAlindon was an extra for Outlander and is giving tours of the locations with other extras from the series. Yes, they book up quick. https://www.highlandertours.co.uk/

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Celtic Journeys

Larger Companies

Silver Screen Tours specializes in tours themed for many productions all over the UK

Silver Screen Outlander Package

Slàinte Scotland Tours

Outlander Packages

Self Guided Tours Resources

Don’t have the budget, take yourself

Here’s our locations guide. Add one of the PDFs and you should have plenty to work with:

Outlander Locations in Scotland

Visit Scotland’s 12 Day Tour Map